Allowing your employees to work remotely can save you big bucks. A team of telecommuting employees costs you less because you don’t have to maintain a brick and mortar location or provide general office furniture and supplies. You don’t have to rent office space and fill it with desks, rugs, lights, computers, you get the picture. Without an office space, you also save on utilities and maintenance costs. Depending on your agreement with your employees, you may still provide a computer or laptop for their use, but even then, the cost savings will be significant.

Telecommuting also gives you a greater pool of people to hire. If you need someone to work on your website, you can hire someone who lives thousands of miles away. No longer are you restricted by locality.

Use Technology to Monitor Productivity

Implementing employee management software can help you track your employee’s behavior during work hours. Keystrokes are recorded and screenshots are taken to see how they are spending their time while on the clock. This can let you know where efficiency is lagging and which employees need more training or another job.

Fleet management software is similar but focuses on those companies with expensive fleets of vehicles. Software such as Teletrac fleet DIRECTOR can monitor the use of your company cars or trucks. Whether you have workers making deliveries or executives utilizing company perks, it is crucial to know that your vehicles are being taken care of. This type of monitoring can help lower maintenance costs and costs that come from safety or road violations. GPS tracking and geofencing are part of the software and can easily tell you when employees are going rogue and wasting time, fuel and money.


Any business would love to reduce overhead and increase profit. The technology of chatbots claims to be able to do just that without sacrificing service quality. Chatbots have their fair share of critics but if you think about it, most of us are already using chatbots. Have you ever asked Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa a question? If so, you’ve used a chatbot. Chatbots perform tasks that humans perform at a much slower pace. For example, a human can only converse with one person at a time in a call center, on email or social media and possibly a few if they are using an online chat. Chatbots can blow those numbers out of the park. Keep in mind that chatbots are performing very simple tasks. Complex questions and queries will still require the human touch.

Chatbots work the hours we don’t want to. Chatbots can monitor online chats and emails 24/7. This is a job task most employees would be glad to give up to our AI friends.

Utilizing the latest in tech trends can be a time saver as well as a money maker. Regardless of the type of business you run, there is always room for cost savings. Whether you allow more employees to work from home or you decide to monitor behavior a bit closer, you’ll be thankful you live in the age of technology when you see how much it can save you.