3 Ways to Process Your Emotion through Writing

A lot of people have trouble processing their feelings, and they keep ignoring it because they cannot decode or make sense of it. If you have found yourself in such a situation and wants to process your emotion better, then writing is a great way of doing it. You can write about yourself and how you feel and can reflect on it. You can also share it with other people or close friends so they can help you make sense of it. If you are hesitant to share it openly with other people, you can become an anonymous blogger and share it on platforms where your identity will be protected. Let’s have a look at a few ways in which writing helps you process your emotions.

Write As Third Person

It is advised that you write about your feelings as a third person because it helps you distant yourself from the feeling and gives you a new perspective. This allows you to process your feelings in an entirely new way.

Write Your Memories

Writing your memories and reading them out can also help you process your feelings. You can recall memories where you felt certain emotions. Specifically, try to recall your childhood memories and identify points in them where you felt very high emotions. Then single out why you felt such emotions what triggered and how did you process it back then. Pick all the emotions sad, angry, happy, and confused, etc. and write one paragraph for each one of them that when you felt these emotions the most. This could help you understand yourself, and you will be able to process your information easily.

Write About How You Feel Regularly

Processing your feelings is not just about writing a blog every now and then. It is also about writing about your feeling regularly. Use a notebook or create a file on your computer where you can write about your feelings every day and can date it. Anytime you feel something, you can write about it in the book or the document. This will help you process your feelings by analyzing patterns in your behavior.