Over 5 billion people in the world have access to mobile phones, and an average person checks his phone 55 times a day. For a layman, that number doesn’t mean anything, but from a marketing perspective, it opens doors to a treasure waiting to be explored.

Most marketers focus on things like mobile SEO, responsive web design, and social apps. But what happens when people turn off their internet? One key thing that marketers need to understand is that marketing is a never-ending process. The majority of messages are read within minutes of delivery, which is why you need to incorporate this technique into your marketing campaigns. Here are four reasons why text message marketing is important for your small business.

It Engages Your Customers

If you act and think like an average person, the chances are that you can’t wait to read it when you receive a message. Curiosity is a huge factor in marketing, and as a small business, you can use it to your advantage. As different digital marketing techniques, such as email marketing, have become so common, consumers are often flooded with emails and messages which they most often ignore. Text message marketing is different from the rest as the customer is almost guaranteed to read your message and engage with it if it attracts him.

It is Cheaper than Other Marketing Techniques

Most small businesses face trouble allocating a budget for marketing. With the help of a mass text app, you can reach lots of customers without burning a hole in your pocket. You can opt for a trial campaign in which you can test the app for free. Its prices may vary from campaign to campaign, but when you compare it with other methods of marketing, sending monthly messages to different consumers is relatively cheap and more efficient.

Customers Can Interact With You in A Better Way

An SMS promotion can be made very fun and interactive depending on the marketing partner you choose. There are plenty of ways, such as sending messages as questionnaires or polls, which will encourage your audience to engage with the message and become an active participant in your campaign.

Interaction develops trust and converts a potential customer into a loyal client. Moreover, you should not limit your SMS marketing campaign to just offline sources. You can also give a link to social media pages or an interactive promotional video. As most cellphones have the ability to connect with the internet, you can easily use offline marketing as a method to grow your online customer base.

The Results Are Quick

Unlike lengthy email promotional campaigns, text messages often consist of one or two lines, followed by a link that leads the customer to your website. As the promotional message is short and simple, customers are more likely to read and understand it. A text messaging campaign also doesn’t need lots of planning like a digital marketing campaign, and you can deploy a promotional campaign easily without spending many upfront resources.