For public and private organizations around the world, good internal communication networks are an essential component of everyday functionality. Intranet systems not only allow employees to access documents, forms, organizational data, and other information they need to use throughout the course of the day, it also plays a vital role in guaranteeing that an organization’s internal communications and confidential data remain secure from cyber attacks.

But not all intranet providers deliver an equally useful product, and for many workers, navigating their company’s intranet is a major headache. If you are using tools like SharePoint that are far too advanced or complicated for your IT team, here are four reasons to consider upgrading to more sophisticated on-site intranet solutions.

  1. Access To A Wider Range Of Pre-Built Applications

Intranet networks can do a lot these days. From creating employment engagement hubs that allow companies to leverage social networking tools, to sophisticated mileage calculation, publishing workflows, and automated workflow approval, intranet networks have dramatically expanded the number of needs they can meet. The latest tools from companies like Intranet Connections which specialize in intranet solutions include a range of different apps to improve employees’ productivity and enhance office communication dynamics.

  1. Better Employee Retention

In both the corporate and not-for-profit worlds, employee retention is a serious concern for many organizations. Employee retention turnover rates are especially worrisome in high-pressure industries like healthcare due to the significant drain on resources they cause — one recent estimate suggests that replacing an employee can cost up to 40% of that employee’s annual salary. Evidence shows that employees are more likely to stay in a position when they feel engaged with their organization, and believe that they have access to the tools and supports they need to do their job. A more advanced intranet system can play an essential role in making new hires feel more comfortable and more knowledgeable in their work.

  1. Tailor-Made Solutions

Different industries face different challenges, and have different communication needs; a good intranet system will be custom designed to meet them. This is especially true for companies in finance, business, and healthcare, where the range of required applications and tools varies greatly. One of the most common complaints about one-size-fits-all intranet tools is that they are not sufficiently tailored to user needs, which is why businesses should make sure the intranet solution they opt for fits the particular needs of their industry and corporate culture.

4.Simple Administration

As with many IT tools, finding an intranet solution that can be operated by non-IT personnel is essential. The administrators responsible for uploading content and managing information flow should not need to have an advanced understanding of web design, which is why finding a system designed to be run by non-specialists is important.

When it comes to communications technology, the 21st century has been a time of almost unprecedented levels of advancement. Modern businesses of all sizes have access to a remarkable range of time-saving tools, which is why it is important for forward-thinking leaders to ensure that their staff are equipped with the best possible tools. With so many organisations relying daily on a high-functioning intranet system, upgrading to the most cutting edge intranet solutions provider available.