4 Secrets to Dominate Local Search Results


When you develop a website people generally consider your business as “global”, but in the terms of SEO things are very different. A business may or may not have global presence, despite the fact that it has a website that can be viewed across the globe. How about a wedding planner who offers his services only in New York, or, a florist offering doorstep flower delivery only in Chicago? For any local business, the website owner should focus on “local SEO” and try to ensure a top spot on SERP for local searches. Data shows that 97% of web users search for local products and services. Hence, you need to learn the right techniques to excel in local SEO.

Why Local SEO Is Different from Traditional SEO?

Google considers many factors while deciding the SERP rank of a site, but mostly it depends on the trustworthy links to determine a website’s value. For instance, if your site gets links from Wikipedia, then Google will be sure about the content value of your site. However, when it comes to local sites, Google considers several factors other than inbound links and that is where local SEO is different.

4 Secrets to Achieve Local SEO Success

Develop a Local Business Page: It is crucial to list your business online in “Google My Business”, “Bing Places” and “Yahoo Local”. When you create local business pages, make sure that it contains office/shop address, phone number, email address, website URL, days and time of your operations etc.

Get Reviews: Reviews play a very important role in local SEO because it helps Google understand how good or bad your business is. Every positive review enhances your brand value and improves SERP ranking. Both Google and your target customers go through reviews on local business listings to evaluate your worth. For example, if you search for “Italian restaurant in New York” you will get many links of New York based restaurant pages listed in Google. By clicking on those links and reading the reviews you can decide which restaurant is best in town. In order to get great reviews, you should embed a “write review” button in your website which will take the visitors to the business directory pages. You can also offer incentives such as discounts or freebies so that customers write good things about your products/services.

Post Pictures: When people search for a local business, they expect to see images of the office or shop. Therefore, you must upload some images of your office/hotel/shop/employees/products etc. while creating your business page in “Google My Business” and other local business directories. The more genuine your business will look, the more people will click on your website URL and this positive action of end users will compel Google to offer you a better spot on SERP.

Target the Local Keywords: Local SEO is geo-specific and thus importance should be given to long tail keywords. For example, if you offer catering services in New Jersey, then your main target keyword can be “catering service providers in New Jersey” or “catering services New Jersey”. Use such area and business specific keywords in your website content as it will help search engines fetch your site faster. Long tail and area specific keywords also reduce the competition because instead of all the catering service providers in the world, you will compete with only New Jersey based catering businesses.

One of the best things about local SEO is that it offers faster results when compared with traditional SEO. Once you get listed in Google My Business or Bing Places, not only your business can be viewed from desktop and mobile search, but it can also be viewed through Maps. For instance, if you search for “Walnut Solutions India” in Google Maps, you can check our office address, phone number and website address.

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