4 Smart Marketing Tips for B2C Businesses


Though every business is unique in its own way, all entrepreneurs share a common marketing goal. And for B2C companies, that goal is attracting customers to their website or online store. Of course, how you achieve that goal is up to you –– though that’s where things can get tricky. Indeed, even the most focused business owners can find B2C marketing difficult. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve the way your company markets itself. Here are four fresh ideas every business should check out:


Zero in on Keywords

Customers who search for websites online are more sophisticated than many businesses give them credit for. Many moons ago, people were more willing to sift through pages on Google and other search engines after typing in a general search query. However, these days people are more precise with their search terminology, and as a result, the keywords you focus on should be specific as well. There’s no shame in going after niche markets and long-tail keywords; rather, the most efficient businesses dominate specialized markets and play to their strengths.



Not every business has the benefit of a national support system behind it. Instead, small businesses rely on one or two locations to service their clients. That’s why creating geo-targeted advertisements for customers near your locale is vital to small businesses that are looking to grow. After all, any business in the service industry needs to focus first and foremost on consumers near their base. It doesn’t make much sense for a party bus company that operates solely in the St. Louis area to run national advertisements, for instance. Prioritize conquering your neighborhood first before you start aiming for national exposure.


Reach Out to the Competition

Is it likely that your direct competitors will lend you a helping hand when you first start out? No. However, as we highlighted above, plenty of businesses in the same industry are separated by vast geographic distances. As such, business owners working in other areas of the country are fantastic resources to speak with. Learning how a restauranteur got his bistro up and running in Seattle, just might give you the creative spark you need to better market your cafe in Miami. In other words, never pass up an opportunity to view an e-conference or pick the brain of other successful entrepreneurs. Plus, even though your direct competitors won’t speak with you, it doesn’t mean you can’t glean a few valuable lessons from them anyway.


Make it Easy

Businesses that rely on ecommerce transactions need to ensure that everything about their website is easy and accessible. Compelling content and solid off-site marketing work can be undone quickly by landing pages that don’t deliver what they promise or online stores that don’t function properly. Service your website with regular maintenance and always work to ensure your customers never have to struggle to find what they’re looking for on your site. It may sound obvious, but taking this simple step will separate you from a large number of your competitors!