4 Team-Building Activities To Bring The Best Out Of Your New Hires


New employees joining your company may have a thousand thoughts crossing their minds.

They may be concerned about your company’s work culture. Not having friends at the workplace. Being nervous about one thing or the other. And whatnot!

As employers, we should make sure that they don’t have to go through such problems. And team-building exercises can greatly help with that.

In this post, we are talking about four, such exercises that will bring the best out of your new hires.

1. Dumb Charades For Objects

The regular dumb charades is a popular game where a member from one of the participating teams goes up and attempts to demonstrate a movie title with gestures.

We are talking on similar lines here. Except, there are no movies, and the demonstrating member has to demonstrate one use of an object assigned by the opposing team. The rest of the members on the demonstrator’s team have to guess the object.

Any number of players can participate after division into two separate teams.

Just make sure that both teams have enough objects to assign to each other.

2. Flip Side of The Coin

All of us in our lives come across some negative and positive experiences. And this game is to bring up a few of those.

The players just have to sit in groups of two, labelled as A and B.

Now player A has to share with player B, one of their negative life stories/experiences. And there’s one rule; it has to be true.

As long as player A speaks, player B has to attentively listen to the entire story.

And then comes the turn for player B. Now, taking the same story as reference, they have to tell the first player only the positive aspects of that negative story.

Such processes can establish a positive vibe across the team.

3. Use The Right Tools

Got a big team that needs to be introduced across?

Whether you are looking for an ice breaker or for a unique way to boost retention and engagement, a qualified employee onboarding software can help all these purposes.

These tools can provide you everything that’s needed to deliver memorable experiences.

This helps your employees be more aware of what they say, think, feel and do, and how all of these actions impact the rest of their team and the entire organization for that matter.

Apart from this, such kits can also be useful for hosting virtual team building sessions. Perfect during these times of social distancing.

4. Human Knot

So, this one last outdoor activity to wrap it up.

Whenever your team goes for an outing, you can play this game. Just remember that the game goes best when there are at least eight people.

Let’s start by having everyone stand in a circle, facing each other, with their shoulders in line with those of players adjacent to them.

Now tell them to bring their right hand out and grab a random hand of any player across them. After this, get them to bring their left hand out and grab another hand of a different person.

Once this is done, their job is to untangle the knots of arms without leaving the hands that they are holding. And they have to do all of this under a time limit.

Sounds fun?

If there are too many people, you can make two or more circles.

Final words

Employee engagement is a general concern that most human resources managers usually worry about. And with new employees on the team, situations can get even more challenging.

To ease things down, here we shared a list of four team-building activities that can easily kindle engagement in your team. Hopefully, this was helpful.