4 Things You Can Do to Relocate Employees Well


Offering relocation services when hiring new employees may be the best way to acquire the people with the best talents and experience you’re looking for. While it can be tricky to navigate a relocation package, with some clear objectives in mind, you’ll have great results and a happy new employee. Here are some things you may want to consider as you think about including relocation packages for new hires.

1. Provide Resources

While your company may be excellent at providing value and service to your specific customers, it doesn’t mean you’re the best at relocation. Relocation companies are available to ensure you’re providing your new employee with a point of contact and a resource for a potentially fearful transition. A relocation specialist has the skills and knowledge to answer any questions your employee may have about moving, timelines, storage and finding a new home. It’s a fantastic idea to build a partnership with a company that specializes in relocation if you’re looking to hire employees from all around the country or the world.

2. Be Clear

Having a clear and concise relocation package can help your new employee feel confident in what you’re providing for them. They will know exactly what’s included and what isn’t and, with everything in writing, you can prevent misunderstandings and problems that may arise during the relocation. This can help the transition go smoothly and increase the likelihood of a happy employee upon arrival. Make sure you account for differences in living costs when an employee is moving to a new area, especially if your company is located in a more expensive area of the country.

3. Personalize the Experience

Have a human resources employee keep in contact with the new hire who is relocating. Knowing they are being looked after during a major transition can give them peace of mind and make them feel included in the company before they arrive. Consider sending helpful information about the area, including places to eat, fun things to do and local trivia. Getting to know about their new town before they arrive can build excitement for the employee and their family. Also, think about having resources available about where to obtain driver’s licenses, how to register vehicles and where the best schools are to give them extra support for their move.

4. Have Flexible Storage Options

People usually underestimate the amount of stuff they have and, when they arrive in a new home, this can cause some issues if they don’t have enough room for it all. Allow for a few months of a storage rental while your new hire gets settled so they have time to organize their items as they see fit. Having less stress around moving time can absolutely increase your employee’s satisfaction around how well the relocation went.

If your company values top talent, having a relocation process is essential so you can hire people from all over the world. With a focus on details and a highly personalized approach, you can relocate your employees with ease.