4 Tips to Improve the B2B Ecommerce Purchase Experience


Suppose you’ve already invested in building an ecommerce-friendly website and implemented the right solution. The next step then is to launch the site and mobilise your team to manage the sales. But there are industry expectations, especially since you’re catering to business-to-business consumers. The end goal for every distributor is not only to complete a sale but also to add value to the purchase experience. With this in mind, here are helpful recommendations to ensure that your ecommerce site offers the best customer service. 

Train your sales team to simulate a purchase

Every sales team should know how a b2b wholesale ecommerce platform works. Before launching the site, there needs to be a sandbox application where your sales team can try and simulate different purchase scenarios. This way, they will know the ins and outs of the site and be able to support all possible concerns and issues the customers may experience. 

Communicate the launch to your customers

Any big change such as shifting to ecommerce should be communicated to your customers. Loyal buyers, for example, need to be informed well ahead of time so that they can adjust at their own pace. There are plenty of channels you can use such as emails, social media, and old-fashioned promotional calls. What’s most important here is that your customers should be part of the onboarding process. 

Customer service best practices

Being able to handle customer questions and concerns in a timely way is critical to ecommerce. You can offer support via different channels such as email and phone calls. Regardless of which channels you want to open to your customers, your team should be available to address issues. For emails, there needs to be a specific turnaround time for responses. Real-time support is also critical, especially when customers are experiencing problems during checkout. B2B clients may also have more complex concerns such as custom requests, deferred payments, and the like. Building a good relationship with your customers is founded upon customer support best practices. 

Add a live chat option to the website

Chatbots are a game changer and if used correctly an important component in the future of b2b ecommerce. Instead of placing a phone call or composing an email, the customer can use the chat feature to raise a question or issue more easily. The good thing about chat support is that it allows the customer to get in touch with your team in real-time. Also, it makes communication more convenient and efficient. You can receive feedback right away, and at the same time resolve the customer’s concern. This is effective in reducing abandoned carts and in addressing technical problems the customer may be having while making a purchase. 

Final thoughts

B2B ecommerce is only bound to grow in the coming years. Now is the best time for distributors and wholesalers to consider making a shift online. Yes, there will be challenges and growing pains when implementing an innovation. But the long-term benefits of ecommerce cannot be ignored. Partnering with the right solutions provider, as well as investing in customer support, will reduce the common concerns associated with adding an ecommerce option for B2B sales.