4 ways to prepare for a Legal Secretary job interview

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1.     First impressions count! 

These days the corporate world has relaxed a little in terms of expectations with things like corporate dress. If you are going to an interview that has been arranged by a legal secretary recruitment service, you may have been given some intel in relation to the organisation’s style and expectations around this. However, how do you know what the expectations are of the person interviewing you? One thing that hasn’t changed is that first impressions count and the way that you chose to present yourself at an interview will have a lasting effect. Make no mistake, there is still an expectation that for an interview, you put your best foot forward and present yourself at your very best.

2.     Are you comfortable with behavioural based interviews? 

If not become so ASAP. An interview for a Legal Secretary job at a law firm is quite often conducted with an HR representative and they are almost 99.9% likely to have created a behavioural based interview guide specific to this role. Even if it’s not being conducted with HR present, the Legal Secretarial Coordinator or Practice Manager or Partner will have been provided with a guide to structure their interview off. This style of interviewing has been prominent for some time now and there is a lot of reading available on the net to help you to prepare an answering these questions with a specific situation, action and result in mind. TIP: A position description will most likely outline competencies required for the role. If you then prepare for interview questions that will be around those competencies it will hold you in good stead.

3.     Research, research, research! 

We are so fortunate these days with so many platforms that you can go to, to research and find out as much as possible before the interview. Not only does it show that you will be proactive when it comes to that part of your role (Legal Secretaries often conduct a lot of research) it shows that you like to be well informed and prepared before tackling challenging meetings. It also demonstrates that you have an interest in their job, not just a job – super important! Take a look at the firm’s website, google search their name and see where else they come up, consider how they represent themselves on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Linked In. Research individuals and teams work histories on Linked In.

4.     Be prepared for the small talk also!

 It’s great to have all of the challenging questions down pat and to have conducted so much research about the firm that you could almost teach them a thing or to! But what about when they are just trying to get to know what you are like as a person. An experienced interviewer might ask things like ‘tell me a little bit about yourself outside of work’, or ‘how would you describe yourself, or ‘what would a friend or a referee tell me about your best qualities. Being able to build rapport, come across as genuine, honest, approachable and confident with people will all demonstrate how well you could integrate into a new workplace.