We live in a society of instant-gratification. And we have the capability to (mostly) satisfy our need to get the stuff what we want –– when we want it. However, when it comes to increasing online presence and improving reader engagement, companies often struggle to produce instant results. Indeed, the prevailing thought is that it takes months –– if not years –– to establish a professional blog as an online force. The good news is, you can take action to turn the tide in your favor and transform a drab blog into a vibrant, lead-generating machine. Here are four ways to make your blog better –– right now:

Hire a Professional

Easy enough, right? Sadly, lots of business refuse to seek out expert help when it comes to their content creation. (Simply knowing how to read and write does not a copywriter make.) Still, it’s one of the easiest (if not cheapest) ways to improve the quality of your blog. Who knew that bringing in a specialist could make a difference in your blog performance?

Social Media Promotion

Does your business post your blogs on your social media pages? If so, then great, but the truth is you could probably be doing it better. By better, we mean crafting social media messages with the same care and precision as you would your blog content. Picking out peak engagement times and pairing your blog with an eye-catching photo, image, or video will boost your click-through-rate and ensure your hard work doesn’t go unread. You make sure to follow smart blog-writing guidelines; do the same with your social media efforts as well.

Optimize Old Blogs

Most blog writers have at least one or two favorite pieces that excelled and provided an excellent resource for interested readers. Don’t let those blogs stay dormant. If you’ve got a killer blog that’s merely sat on your site for two-plus years, consider giving it a remake and re-releasing it with additional, updated, or revised content. Not only will this bolster the blog’s online standing, but it can also provide you with new opportunities to link and backlink between your blog network.

Blog Smarter

When we talk about blogging smarter, we don’t mean that you have to elevate your writing style to an egg-headed strata. Rather, one reason your blog might be struggling to make an impact is the subject matter you choose. Writing about broad, open-ended topics will allow you to get creative, but it also forces you to contend with hefty competition. So rather than banging your head against a wall, consider exploring more obscure and industry-specific subjects. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to utilize any tech tools at your disposal like call analytics software or keyword performance metrics to identify which blogs resonate with your consumer base. Figuring out what your readers want to hear from you will immensely increase your chances of success.