5 Advantages of Communication Ecosystems based on the Example of Gem4me 

Variety of functions 

The most prevalent and obvious advantage of communication ecosystems and platforms compared to common messengers is the wide range of various functions and services offered within one application.

Gem4me has several key sections: communication, a blog platform with channels and a news feed, as well as a marketplace. Common messengers, such as WhatsApp, offer a significantly less number of services to its users and are mostly providing communication-related notions: sending messages, video calls and conferences, transferring files. 

One account for all the services 

Various services complete one another within the ecosystem. By joining the ecosystem a user registers their account within the system, upon which all services offered on the platform are accessed under the same account. 

It is rather convenient – no need to spend time switching between accounts, no need to remember additional passwords and exiting several applications. Everything is located in one interface of a general platform. Moreover, it is also convenient from the personal data security point of view: large ecosystems immensely prioritize data protection, no need to create numerous passwords that have to be stored somewhere or could be breached. Instead, it is sufficient to create just one strong password that can be remembered.

Continuos functionality expansion 

The core principle of a multi-functional ecosystem is to integrate as many useful features in the application as possible, in order for the digital environment to be universal for users. Developers are highly interested in keeping a user on the platform for as long as possible and create utmost convenience for them as the result; hence, such services will actively develop further. Gem4me platform regularly updates its services and offers all of its functionality free of charge. 

For instance, Gem4me users can transcribe voice messages in English and Russian languages free of charge and proceed to translate them to any of the 17 languages currently available on the built-in translator. 

That is one of the unique features of the platform. The ability to transcribe audio messages is either completely absent from the majority of other messengers, or is offered for a fee, as Telegram Premium does.

The section for bloggers has an integrated editor feature allowing users to create articles, prepare posts and publications for their channels, post pictures and save drafts. Gem4me developers have long been supporting bloggers which is why they’ve introduced the donation service with no commissions and are currently testing the content monetization functionality for authors of channels through the built-in advertising platform. 

Additionally, video conferences in Gem4me are also completely free of charge. They don’t expire after 40 minutes, as is the case with Zoom. Users can conduct video conferences in Gem4me with no limits on time, with the ability to host up to 1000 participants at once and free of charge. 

Unlimited development potential 

A communication ecosystem is not a static development that remains unchanged. On the contrary, it is a constantly evolving structure. Its main goal is to remain relevant and of benefit to a user, to help the user with their needs and to stand the test of time. Consequently, more and more various functions will be introduced to such applications over the course of time, so, by joining the service once users will gain access to new capabilities and features while remaining amongst an interface they are accustomed to.

In terms of functionality, such ecosystems are similar to social networks. For example, Gem4me has a news feed in the section containing information channels. The news feed recommends new posts that were shared in channels to which a user is subscribed to, as well as, considers the users’ interests when selecting and prioritizing posts. 

Personal assistant 

A unified platform for working with various services is also convenient in terms of the application retaining a wide range of information and data, which a user can promptly locate at any time with ease. For instance, any personal or work chat retains all data in text and file formats, as well as, Gem4me also allows recording video calls. 

Moreover, the ecosystem is gradually analyzing user preferences and interests data in order to apply it to offering suggestions and recommendations in the future. Upon the initial visit to the section of channels in Gem4me, a user is offered to select topics of their interest. The widget with channel recommendations will then depict various options accounting for the interests a user selected. 

For those who have not yet joined such a platform, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the services and experience the advantages of an ecosystem with broad capabilities – where communicating, working, making purchases and finding one’s hobby for creative self-realization is conveniently accessible. The platform will understand the needs of a regular user and will provide them with what they need.