5 Benefits of Small Business Text Messaging

The text message is a powerful weapon to acquire new customers. Also, make the existing customers happy. Many business entrepreneurs prefer text message marketing as one of the strategic approaches.

Hurray!!! It’s time to cheer-up. There are thousands of messaging applications available around the globe. Whether your a small business owner or large entrepreneur, text messaging marketing can increase ROI and exceed your expectations.

Mobile phone users are increasing every day. According to market analysis, 94% of Americans use mobile phones for personal and business purposes. Among them, 86% of people use mobile phone for texting. As per the recent analysis, there are over 7.5 billion mobile subscriptions around the globe. Implementing text messaging as your business strategy is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Small business entrepreneurs rely on marketing strategies that are cost-effective and reliable. If you’re running health care business, you can get a bang for your buck with a single text messaging service i.e HIPAA. Yes, you heard it right!!!

Have you ever heard about HIPPA? It’s a buzz term for healthcare businesses. Hippa compliant texting app is trusted by small and large health organization to improve communication with their patients and clients securely. This app is basically used for sending and receiving PHI-related messages. Also, keeping clinicians independent from liability.

Every organization is unique. Therefore messaging providers a wide range of marketing solutions. These services work for industries such as

  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Real estates
  • E-commerce
  • Schools & universities
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment

Understand the regulation before purchasing a text message service. Keep an eye on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Generally, a customer would like to receive promotional messages but never tolerate spam. Pick the right platform that has TCPA.

What is meant by Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is also called as SMS marketing. It is an act of sending a promotional message to customers and prospects. The message can be coupons, discounts, deals, contest alerts and other information.

In general, SMS marketing is one of the direct ways to approach a new and existing customer.

Following are hand-picked benefits of small business text messaging:

Convenient Availability

A mobile phone is a basic thing used by everyone – students to senior citizens. Sending and receiving a text message is the basic feature of mobile phones.

GSM networks are used to get connected with your customers. Also, whether you’re on the way to home or attending a business meeting, you can get connected with your prospects and customers anywhere and anytime.

Somebody told “Phone calls doesn’t perfectly convey the message”. It’s absolutely perfect. Sometimes phone calls get interrupted due to inconvenience caused by the network. Besides, emails need an internet-connected to get delivered.

Text messaging can be downloaded for free

Many business entrepreneurs use text messaging because they don’t need to invest their money on a fancy application. Also, no data plans are required while communicating with your prospects through text message.

Do you require a messaging application to receive a text message? Do you need to scan a QR code to get the transactional message? Absolutely no, right? You don’t need to waste your phone memory to install a messaging application to send and receive SMS. During the transaction, you can receive 4-digit one time password as a text message directly from an associated bank. By entering the 4-digit password, you can complete the transaction. The one-time password can last not more than 15 minutes.

Text message is immediate

Are you running a discount sale? Yes, then you’re all set to drive maximum traffic and sales.

But wait, how can you drive it? Don’t panic!!! Here is a solution for you. Implement text messaging strategy and get huge traffic and improve conversions.

The major advantage of SMS marketing is, it doesn’t take much time to get delivered and gain insights. Create a compelling message and hit the send button. That’s it, your SMS is delivered within a fraction of seconds. There are few SMS services available in the market, you can set up an SMS campaign and generate thousands of clicks within a few minutes.

Opt-in and Opt-out

No two people think the same. Some people show interest in purchasing electronic products. Few people show interest in reading business and entertainment news. That way, not all subscribers are happy to receive your updates about coupons, sales, new products or services. In such a situation, opt-in and opt-out plays a vital role in text messaging service.

The opt-in feature will enable subscribers to allow message notifications from your businesses. Examples of opt-in are signup, subscribe, participate or play. The opt-out feature gives you a chance to deny text message from receiving. Examples of an opt-out are STOP, cancel and unsubscribe.

Best engagement rate

The text message has 8 times the engagement rate of email. Message can be instantly delivered and read. Email can only be delivered and read when the internet is connected. It may take minutes, days or months to open and read an email. 

Businesses are successfully using the “Text Messaging Campaign” to improve engagement rate. It is one of the best communication tools with the largest reach across the globe. 90% of SMS are received and opened within the first two minutes.  

Final Thoughts

Since not everybody has the great convenience of getting time to read email, text messaging is the perfect option. If a business strives to run a marketing strategy to reach customers on-the-go, then Messaging can be the right option. Besides, messages make a customer service operation even more efficient. It’s easier for customer and business entrepreneur to communicate.