5 Benefits of Using Videoconferencing for Your Business


In any business venture, capital and communication are key ingredients to the recipe of its success. Access to capital keeps you in business every day as you can pay your vendors, employees, and other business expenses. Communication is as important because you and the people in your company have to be on on the same page, move toward one direction, or understand one another at the very least.

Face-to-face communication has never been more relevant despite the physical distance between you and your business managers, workers, and partners. Shyness aside, videoconferencing makes this possible anytime, anywhere. For sure, the use of this pervasive technology provides you with benefits for your business venture.

Videoconferences and Their Business Benefits

Videoconferences, or video calls, are as natural as coffee breaks in workspaces today given that you can use them for stand-up meetings, one-on-one talks, and team huddles. The use of video itself, along with other technologies, is becoming the future of workplace communication and collaboration.

And it’s not puzzling why you or any business owner turns to video capabilities for business communication:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Portability
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Everybody happy


You want to take advantage of videoconferences to communicate and cut attendant costs. Why travel to and from one place for a meeting and spend on accommodation, food, and business travel when you can meet everyone on video?

What you need: internet connection, computer, and related equipment for a teleconference, and you are good to go. You can set this up in your office meeting room or have one in your home office.


Teleconferencing has indeed blurred the physical distance between people from around the world so they can communicate, and it has received an enhancement with the use of cameras. With videoconferencing, you can already see and speak with your employees who may be working from home, a shared space, or a café.

The availability of smartphones and laptops and software has made video calls possible in three or more endpoints.


Email is arguably the most traditional way to correspond with your employees, clients, or customers but sometimes, it’s faster to catch up with them through a call. You can do presentations, share screens, and collaborate through a shared document.

This instant communication is also useful to clear the air regarding questions or concerns that may have been left out in the emails or chat messages.


Have you ever wondered why this task has yet to move to the Done board? Ask the team directly, listen to their answers, and observe the nonverbal cues. This face-to-face meeting may be the jolt that the team needs to get to work on the task at hand.

You also get everyone’s attention on video calls because, with the camera on, everyone is expected to behave and minimize any noise or distraction. You are confident that they understand your instructions and implement what you ask them to do.

Everybody Happy

Videoconferencing makes up for your physical absence—an assurance to remote employees or anyone in your business who may have grown distant over unanswered chats or emails. Your showing up in the videoconference may be what a potential customer or investor needs to solidify his or her decision to do business with you.

There is just something “human” about seeing other people’s faces when talking to you; you can look them in the eye, and you are not easily distracted to do other things on the side. How about you? Are you a video-call boss or a voice-call boss? Tell us in the comments section.