5 Big iGaming SEO Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)


SEO has the potential to confuse any online marketer, particularly in the fast-moving and competitive sector of iGaming – interactive gaming. It seems like you can spend half your time trying to decipher what the “rules” of iGaming SEO are, and how to implement them, which is a waste when you are trying to generate sales and customers. Many myths surround SEO. Take a look at the following mistakes many iGaming businesses make so that you can stop yourself falling into these traps.

  1. Confusing SEO with PPC

Too many acronyms, not enough clarity – one of the basic mistakes companies in interactive gaming make is to confuse PPC – Pay Per Click advertising – with SEO. As Google has made the Ad sign on their paid links less noticeable, many users will not realise that the top result in a search is actually a paid link. You can benefit from this by making your paid link top above your competitors, but don’t neglect SEO techniques to focus on PPC. Both have a place in iGaming marketing, and it is important to get the best from both strategies.

  1. Believing SEO is the Magic Bullet

Many iGaming channels think that starting an iGaming SEO plan will immediately bring results. In fact, it takes time for SEO to take effect when you are launching a new brand or a new iGaming marketing programme. It helps to first boost with PPC and to continue working with SEO as the site develops and SEO activity pulls in results. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an SEO strategy will bring you more leads immediately.

  1. Making a Mistake with an SEO Company

Offers for iGaming SEO are all over the internet, but be careful – cheaper companies often engage in black hat techniques that do not follow search engine guidelines, are overly aggressive, and will result in your iGaming site being penalised by search engines. For example, keyword stuffing, keyword hiding, and link buying are all black hat techniques that ultimately harm your business. Check before you hire an SEO company that their tactics are legitimate and effective.

  1. Adding SEO at the End

If you are creating a new site, build in SEO right from the start. Don’t tack it on at the end after your website has been completely built. A good quality web design firm will know this and will help build SEO from the beginning. Make sure your suppliers follow this path.

  1. Missing Out Keyword Brainstorming

Tagging on any old keywords that seem relevant is not the most effective way to generate good SEO. Take some time to research keywords and create a keyword list that is relevant and effective. There are online tools available to help you, and an SEO firm will also be able to give you guidance on the keywords you should be working with. And be aware that you will need to monitor the success or failure of keywords so you can work with a constantly evolving set of keywords that help to improve your gaming site ranking.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net