There are numerous substitutes to Power Point available today which makes users decide to use Microsoft’s classic presentation applications. Maybe this is because it has been used for a long period of time and PowerPoint presentation came just the other day. PowerPoint is still the most known platform widely used to organize information and pictures to present to viewers. However, it can work very well if you avoid the elements that make a bad PowerPoint.

By avoiding these PowerPoint presentation mistakes, you’ll keep the focus on your great content.

  1. Too much Text

Have you ever heard that too much text in PowerPoint is bad? This message has been passed severally to users, however, not much has been done about it, and in fact, people ignore and do their own things. Remember text takes time to read and it bores than pictures. Although this can affect any presentation platform, it seems mostly rampant to PowerPoint. Remember readers will avoid your slide if you fill it with text completely. A reader will most likely to read the first line and turn their eyes away from your presentation. This can be a waste of a slide. Therefore ensure you include as few words as possible in your slides to pass your message. Your viewers should be paying attention to what you’re saying and not be overwhelmed by your text.

  1. Too many bullet points

Listing your content in bullet points is an incredible way of making it readable to your audience, however, overdoing it on a single slide makes your presentation to look untidy. Your content might be seen to be poorly organized. Remember, bullet points are used when you want to bring mutual ideas in an orderly list. If you have excess mutual ideas, you can as well consolidate them.

  1. Bad contrast

Avoid using dark colored fonts on a dark background or vice versa as this will give your audience headache while trying to read your content. This can even make them run away from your presentation. Use visual contrast to make your slides more enjoyable to look at. It is good to use black fonts on white background or white font on a dark background to make your content readable with the text being slightly larger in font size. You can apply color to the other features on your slides like pictures, titles, and headings to make them attractive.

  1. Flashy color themes

Today, you can use pre-designed PowerPoint Templates available online, however, you need to be careful with the colors in the templates or any other color you apply yourself. You should not use more than three colors for the template and text. You want your audience to be able to pay attention to your published content, images, and diagrams, instead of making them run away.

  1. Obnoxious fonts

There are other fonts that can work well in other areas and not suitable to a presentation. Ugly fonts can be a nuisance to your audience. Ensure you apply fonts that are easy to read and not distracting.