You might just think that web design is about turning a website into a pretty space. In fact, it’s much more powerful than that. When done correctly, your website plays an active role in increasing sales and establishing branding. The art is balancing creativity with practicality. Can you create a unique and appealing website that also functions intuitively? Today, we’re going to bring you into the world of web design, and show you the complexities behind it.


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  • Typography

Typography is a core part of any brand identity. For instance, you immediately recognise the McDonald’s ‘M’, and its iconic font. The easily recognisable Playstation font is another fantastic example. It’s part of the web designer’s job to find the perfect font to help establish your brand identity. In the last twelve months, this has become even more important. Web browsers have allowed a wider and more creative use of fonts online. It’s paving the way for more creative uses.

  • Hero images

The most popular trend in web design right now is big, emphatic hero images. They are typically located at the top of the site, showing your product or service in action. It’s all about saying as much as possible, without using any words at all. It’s become a very common trick in web design, and you’ll spot them on just about any website you visit. If you’re thinking about redesigning your site, give some thought to what your hero image might look like.

load speed

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  • Load speed

As we mentioned, web design isn’t just about creative and artistic aesthetics. It’s also about function. A huge part of that is the load speed of your website. It’s a designer’s job to create a site that looks great and loads quickly. Unfortunately, the more creative aspects go into a design, the slower the site will load. And when the site loads slowly, you lose visitors and credibility. Again, it’s a careful balancing act between form and function. Try to find the perfect middle ground with your designer.

  • Simplicity

Many designers like to get as creative as possible. However, we always find the best web designers focus on simplicity. They maximise white space to draw the eye to a particular area. They remove any design aspect that doesn’t serve a purpose. It’s a ruthless job, but it’s essential if you want to get the best results. Web design, in general, is moving towards a more simplistic place.

  • Call-to-action

The final element we’ll talk about today is the call-to-action. It’s the most important element of design on your website, because it convinces people to buy. It’s the ‘subscribe’ button or the ‘buy’ button. A good designer knows that a strong call-to-action makes the difference between buying and abandoning. Good design here will increase your conversion rate, and boost your sales. Make it bold, defined, and powerful.

Thanks for reading, folks! We hope you found some useful information, and we’ll see you again shortly. Have you got any fantastic web design tips? Please let us know in the comment section.