5 Free Extensions for SEOs


The word SEO has been floating about the web for a few years now, and since the advent of digital marketing firms globally, has received immense popularity. Many companies are beginning to implement SEO for their online websites and platforms to achieve popularity and more traffic. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the world of optimizing a website for search engines is complex. 

To successfully use SEO, many experts use different SEO tools to make this process efficient and effective. SEO tools help website owners to secure a higher rank in search engine results pages or SERP. With the help of these tools, one can optimize web content by analyzing keywords, links, and other considerations of the content associated with the website. 

These tools are meant to investigate the potential of different web pages for high ranking and placement on the SERP. Different tools occupy different functions but the end goal is a total analysis of content and to increase a website’s rank. Tools provide information on multiple aspects of SEO as well as giving insight into the competition on the net. 

What SEO Tools Analyze 

SEO experts monitor the domain and determine how to optimize a website for search engines with the help of SEO tools. This is what they usually analyze with the help of these tools. 

  • Keywords: Keyword analysis includes determining the most common terms which are searched in your field and what words are being used by competitors. 
  • Content: Website content is an important aspect of SEO. The placement of keywords, usage of tags, and links embedded in carefully thought-out content is made easier with SEO tools. 
  • Backlinks: These are important for ranking and tools can help determine important statistics using these links. 
  • Ranking: Many SEO tools are specifically designed to measure the rank of websites and are used to create a comparison with competitors’ rankings. 
  • Traffic: Multiple tools are meant to aid in measuring the flow of visitors from external sources and state how often or how many users come to the site, along with where they’ve been redirected from. 

Every SEO tool is different. Some have better data on keywords or links, while others may provide you with better technical statistics and suggestions. There is no one tool that can solve all of your SEO needs. That being said, SEO tools can also be expensive and complex. 

However, there are many extensions that are free and highly useful. To add on, when combined, these tools have the potential to solve multiple SEO problems smoothly. Continue reading to see a curated SEO tools list that can make your life easier while staying kind to your pocket. 

List of 5 Free SEO extensions: 

  1. SEO Info: This is one extension that is meant for on-page SEO. It looks for SEO concerns on the page and tells you how many there are. The check includes meta tags, canonicals, open graph tags, structured data, page speed, and others. It also comes with a built-in Audit model that uses Pagespeed Insights API by Google. 
  2. SEMrush: This is a tool designed for keyword surfing. WIth keyword surfer, you can get insight from Google’s interface. This means, whenever you search for anything, you can see the global search volume for the term along with the volume in your region or locale. 
  3. MozBar: Domain authority was a metric that Moz came out with, so it only makes sense that a good DA tracker would come from Moz. MozBar is a Google Chrome extension that tells you the domain authority and page authority for literally any page on the internet. This is a very useful extension for when you are browsing the internet and researching the competition. 
  4. Similar Web: Popularity and traffic is everything when it comes to successfully marketing an online platform. Even if more traffic doesn’t equate to more revenue, it sets a website on the right path. Similar web is a free extension that gives extremely accurate estimations of traffic to your website. You can also get traffic data without constantly going back to the Similar web website. 
  5. SEOMinion: SEOMinion is one tool that offers multiple SEO analysis services. It is an on-page SEO analyzer, checks broken links, previews SERP, and simulates Google Locations. It is a one-stop-shop tool for multiple SEO concerns and comes with an exclusive feature. It can compare Google SERPs for two different countries simultaneously. 

This is a small, yet effective SEO tools list which can solve most of your SEO requirements. SEO tools are used by many experts to achieve maximum efficiency and get a website’s rank and placement to stand out against competitors. Combining more than one tool can help you achieve great results, but the process might also be complicated for beginners. Consult an expert to accurately assess your requirements and concerns, and to plan a fool-proof strategy.