When you’re running a start-up business, there are thousands of things to think about. You might think your website can wait, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are 5 of the most important reasons why you need a website right away

Starting a new business? Congratulations! Many of the most successful people around the world got where they are by running their own companies.

However, you have a lot of competition. Over 500,000 people start businesses every month.

You need good strategies to stand out and do well.

One of the most important strategies is an online presence. Simply put, you need a website for your startup. Here’s why.

A Website Helps Build Trust

In an age when we no longer see the people we do business with face-to-face, a website has taken the place of a storefront.

Potential customers check out your online presence so that they can get to know you, building the “know, like, and trust” factor. They want to know your mission, your history, and your results.

Building trust is one of the top reasons to have a website.

Customers Need to Find You!

When you do business remotely, you can’t rely on customers to drive by your store, get curious, and drop in. Instead, you have to be found other ways.

One of the key ways to be discovered online is through search engine results. Sites like Google index web pages so that when someone searches for “Sacramento Florist” they get the most relevant results.

As you create a website for your small business, keep in mind that you need to include keywords so your business can be discovered. It’s free advertising!

You Need a Website to Sell Products

If you sell products online, your website is the best way to take care of your sales, payments, and more. Many small businesses start out by using other platforms, like Etsy.

Unfortunately, those platforms can make the rules. They can decide how hard it is to find your products, take a percentage of sales, and even make rules about how advertising is carried out.

When you have your own website, you can make your own rules. You manage the platform, advertise how you see fit, and best of all, you keep all your cash.

Websites Help With Social Media Marketing

Social media is an incredible source of new customers. Facebook alone has 2.19 billion monthly active users. If you’re going to use social media marketing, you need a website.

With many social media ads, you need somewhere to send folks that click on your link. What better place than your own website? You gain traffic, credibility, and start to build relationships.

It’s much better to send social media traffic to your site than to try to play by the rules on Facebook or another platform regarding marketing. It’s too easy to get kicked off or have your ad denied.

Your Own Website Allows You to Show Creativity

When you try to build contact pages on social media, Etsy, or any other platform, you hit limits. You’re limited by their format. You have to choose from their colors and templates.

Instead, choose to create your own website. You don’t need a lot of coding or other experience.

In fact, you can hire someone to design it for you!

Read more now about hiring a small business web designer. Your creativity can shine without limits!

Succeed With Your New Business

Having a new business can be intimidating, but you can succeed. You need a website, the right information, and the right platforms.

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