5 new better habits that we’ve acquired during coronavirus working remotely

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Life is constantly changing, and even though it seems that some areas of life are collapsing – globally one can find both positive in this situation, and that is why.

People will become more responsible for other people’s personal space.

Surely everyone really hopes that the rule of keeping the distance in queues and in public places will stay forever! And such a probability seems to be quite plausible since such rules will be kept for quite a long time. Moreover, there will be more hand sanitizers in public places and people will get used to them, which means that the habit of following basic hygiene rules will also remain.

Many will continue to work remotely: companies will save on office rentals, and employees will be more flexible.

Now a lot of people have switched to remote operation, and for many this has already become a normal situation. Many companies will leave some of their employees at a remote location as it is more cost effective and the productivity of the employees does not decrease. This is reported by the Monitask remote work monitoring software experts, which reports that employees have increased their productivity and 20% more frequently perform all the planned activities on the day, as well as 17% more often finish work with a sense of satisfaction from completed cases.

We will start to appreciate the simple things and talking to loved ones more.

Previously seemingly ordinary – calls and meetings with relatives and friends, going to the cinema, theaters, walks in the parks in good weather – now is a luxury that no one can afford so far. But after the quarantine, we will be happier to meet friends and call and visit relatives, and this will become a habit – which means that we will start to appreciate more those who are near us.

We will start to be more sensitive to our health.

It is already known that those who suffer from chronic forms of various diseases bear the disease harder. This means that anyone who puts his or her life in danger may be at risk. Moreover, with new trends in healthy eating, various smoothies, vegetarianism, and in general lifestyle, it is likely that many will continue to stick to the habits started on quarantine!

We will tip couriers and taxi drivers more often…

For many of us, couriers and taxi drivers have become the people we most often encounter during quarantine, and therefore especially value their work.

That’s good, because we’re getting kinder towards the world!