In the current business environment, it’s become common for businesses to hire Virtual Assistants – or VAs – to help them run their activity in a more efficient manner. This is a growing trend especially amongst start-ups and small businesses that have to rely on limited resources and can’t afford to stretch their budgets.

Outsourcing is a great idea to save both time and money. Choosing to work with third party providers such as VAs allows entrepreneurs to delegate non-essential tasks, gaining valuable time that can be invested into focusing on the more important aspects of developing a business.

Hiring a VA that can become a great asset for your business is not difficult. There are many outsourcing services out there such as Virtalent that can help you find the best match for your business needs. However, it’s important to know what to look for in a VA to make sure your collaboration will be successful. Here are the top qualities every VA should have:

Great communication skills

A great VA needs to know how to communicate well with clients. All types of collaboration are based on understanding each other. So a VA should know how to listen, ask the right questions and how to get his message across in a clear and concise manner. There should be no room for misunderstandings as they can lead to poor time management and can have a negative impact on finances.


A VA should make life easier for entrepreneurs, so reliability is one of their most important qualities. You should feel confident that the VA will get the work done on time, without constantly asking them for updates and supervising their activity each step of the way. A reliable VA will be able to stick to a strict schedule and won’t need anyone to remind him of deadlines.


Proper organizational skills are at the core of completing daily tasks in a timely manner. The role of a VA is to handle all the work that usually piles up and stops you from directing your energy towards more important responsibilities. Therefore, a VA must know how to manage their time, prioritize and find the fastest and easiest ways to fulfil their duties and clear your schedule of unnecessary tasks.


VAs should also know how to find solutions for all types of problems. They should be able to do that without asking you for assistance. No one has the answer to everything, but a good VA knows how to do some research and come up with ideas for the issues that arise in order to improve your business.


It’s important for a VA to have useful skills that help them carry out tasks efficiently and provide high-quality work. VAs must always focus on improving their skill set by gaining as much knowledge as possible in as many areas as they can. There are countless online resources that a VA can take advantage of to learn new valuable skills and upgrade their performance.