Do you ever take a look around your office space and think that something isn’t quite right? If so, there’s every chance your employees do the same – and a lot more often. Given that your office represents a considerable amount of investment for your company, it’s vital to get things right. When employees feel uncomfortable in their surroundings, it has a big impact on their productivity and mood. Here are five solid reasons why your employees might hate coming to their workplace every day.

You’re in a terrible location

Your company’s location is vital for many reasons that everyone knows about. Customers need access, as do suppliers, and you might need easy access to major roads for distribution purposes. However, location is also important for attracting quality workers. It has an impact on several issues, including recruitment, productivity, and overall happiness. Central locations are almost always best for your employees. They are easy to access, and often have a buzz around them that is conducive to a more productive workspace.

You are using old technology

While the latest and greatest is not essential for your employees, it is wise to keep fairly up to date. Old technology and systems are slow, and your workers will feel frustrated. It all adds up to a lot of issues that cause unnecessary tension. And it might even cost you in profit a lot more than you would have spent on a few upgrades.



You have gone open plan

The design of your office is also of vital importance. The current trend in recent years has very much been geared towards an open plan. It might suit some people – but certainly not others. The open plan environment can sometimes stifle creativity. It can also cause many distractions that some people just don’t thrive on. Your best bet is to provide a workplace that accommodates all types of personality. According to Arnold’s Office Furniture, maximizing space is the key to maximum productivity. You might benefit from working with an experienced design and fitting team to make the most out of your office size.

You skimp on maintenance

Make sure your air con and heating are all in good working order. If your offices are too hot or cold, your employees will dislike their experience – and will be less productive. The cost of maintaining your equipment will be dwarfed by the amount you would lose in sick days and presenteeism. So, get in touch with your local HVAC company and set up a regular check.

You are never there

Finally, as the boss, you can’t be expected to be in situ at all times. You have clients to meet, and business to drum up, after all. But don’t expect your employees to think kindly of you if you spend most of your time on the golf course. Not only will they resent you for not seeming to care, but you will also find they get disheartened. Great leaders know their workplace inside out – and everyone in it. Employees get a lot of motivation from a boss that is around and shows interest in what they do.