5 Reasons Why Having A Socially Connected CRM Is A Must

As the world changes towards heavy technology, markets are continuously shifting from physical stores to online or web-based stores. Consumers are therefore greatly increasing their cloud buying power through social media. Imagine walking into a store to buy a product you have set your eye on and had very clear idea of. In addition, you are fully aware that another store sells a similar product and you have the power to get online through your handset and compare qualities and prices online before deciding to buy from one of the stores. 

On the other hand, it may be important to get undisputed opinion of the sales person about the product. However, the opinion of real-life users of the item you intend to buy are more important as they have had first-hand experience with the product and fully understand its usability, effectiveness and quality for a similar product. This is where CRM comes in but what is CRM? The answer is quite easy customer relationship management is a combination of strategies, practices and technologies used by companies in the analysis and management of customer data as well as interactions across the customer lifecycle. 

CRM greatly contributes to the success of a business. In this article, we discuss the reasons why successful businesses need social CRM for business. 

Social Media Analytics

Social media gives sales reps open opportunities to access metrics and comprehensive information about the clients they handle. This information may be in the form of goals, buying behavior, demographics, interests and much more. This type of information is important as it makes it easier for sales teams to understand their market targets better, focus their efforts and concentrate on leads that are more likely to convert.

If sales reps will not find a better way to analyze the information, it will be of no use to the company. When CRM is integrated with the right tools, it provides the right insights into the potential benefits of the company’s social media campaigns. This is the right way to discover trends in consumer behavior. 

In addition to uncovering trends in the market, social-centered data provides metrics that are important in analyzing market trends and targeting the right audience. Social media customer data is therefore an important tool that can be used by businesses in developing and executing specific and more efficient marketing campaigns. 

Speeds Up The Selling Process

CRM intelligence automates customer data collection making information readily available on the cloud. Furthermore, CRM that is connected to online social media makes it much easier to collect data through integration with social media accounts. This means that businesses are in a position to collect comprehensive information on customers. These include habits, backgrounds, purchase behaviors and interests. By providing a clear window into the sales pipeline, sales teams can easily determine the position of leads in the funnel. 

Displays Real-Time Changes In The Customer Contact Records

Customer contact records contain a number of customer related information. These include but not limited to messages, deals, events and live social contact stream. 

Social CRM is a source of relevant, real-time information on the thought of customers, emotions, experience and satisfaction levels in previous interactions. Customer service teams access this information and analyze it in order to be able to make necessary changes as well as take appropriate actions to improve customer experience. 

Brand Tracking

CRM system helps a company to track what people are saying about your brand. Remember, a good word of mouth about your brand can be a great turning point for your company. On the other side, a negative comment can easily ruin your name. It can help your company by tracking what people say about your brand. This way, you will be able to resolve complaints as quick as possible to retain a good name as well as improve customer satisfaction. 

Predict Trends

Customers gather a lot of information on what they want to buy in the future through online platforms. Socially connected CRM gives you the intelligence you need to be able to think ahead of the rest and create products that clients wouldn’t expect to get on the shelves in the near future.