5 Reasons You Should Clean Up Your Personal Social Media Pages Before Starting a Business


Social media is possibly the most valuable free tool that business owners can use to advertise their companies as well as stay closely connected to consumers. In addition to having profiles on all major social media websites for your business, a lot of company founders have their own personal pages. Consider the likes of Elon Musk, who has a personal Twitter page that he uses regularly. You may be prepared to use your personal social media profiles in a similar manner, but do not attempt to do so without reviewing all possible caveats. In addition, ensure that your personal profiles are uncontroversial so that you don’t get sidetracked as you start your business. Here are the five most important reasons for cleaning up personal social media pages before running a new business.

1. Keep Your Personal Details Out of Public View

Consider what the main purpose of social media is for a minute; is it to connect people around the globe, via the web? Was social media created so that users can socialize, share content, comment, and expand their knowledge base? In essence, social media was created to do all of the above. As such, personal social media profiles can contain a lot of identifying information on an individual. Social media giants such as Facebook encourage users to fill out profiles with their full legal name, cities and states of residence, current and former employers, colleges attended, family members, hobbies, political associations, and so on. That is a lot of information for the general public to know about a business owner. For privacy and safety reasons, a start-up business owner probably doesn’t want their prospective clients to have all of this information in the public view. 

2. Avoid Having Your Busines ‘Canceled’ by the Masses

If you haven’t already heard of it, ‘cancel culture,’ is a big and powerful movement that is making the rounds literally everywhere. Cancel culture was basically started to hold those with biased and discriminatory views socially responsible for their behavior. It originally worked to sort of level the playing field, but now people are finding themselves ‘cancelled’ for things they haven’t even done. Companies and people who get ‘cancelled’ frequently become the victims of ‘doxxing,’ which is both controversial and problematic. The very best way to avoid having your company face these issues is to clean up your personal social media profiles from the start, as you never know if what you say or do in your personal life can be misconstrued.

3. Put on a Professional Image from the Start 

Another problem that some budding business owners face is professionalism. If your personal social media pages can be easily accessed, there is the potential that users will find some of what you post to be unprofessional. You might post what you think is a fun selfie with a silly caption, while others might see it as an opportunity to rake you over the coals for being unprofessional. With alias records, business owners can perform a search for themselves to see what information is out on the internet. Public Records Review offers public records that include criminal history, address reports, and even social media profiles. Use their website to be certain that your image stays clean and professional.

4. Prevent Old Mistakes from Coming Back to Haunt Your Company 

A lot of people have done things in their past that would be embarrassing if they became public, even if they weren’t particularly bad. For instance, getting tagged in a picture you took at that toga party you attended back in college. Or, if you were particularly outspoken about a social issue that some of your prospective customers may not agree with. Instead of having to try to defend your actions or explain that you have matured and changed, clean your social media pages and concentrate on doing business instead.

5. Stop Competitors from Having the Upper-Hand 

If your business is still in development, then it is likely that you plan to enter a market with existing competitors. These existing businesses probably aren’t going to be exactly thrilled to learn of a new company coming on their territory. There is no telling what the competition in your niche is willing to do in order to keep on dominating the market. If you have any information on your personal social media profiles that can be used against you, trust and believe that a particularly unscrupulous competitor will definitely be ready to do so. So, avoid this scenario from occurring altogether by scrubbing your social media profiles, and if necessary, locking them down before you start your business. 

Social media connects the masses, but it can also start disagreements. If you are heading up a new company then you want to get off to a good start. Look at your profiles to protect your personal data, keep your family safe, and your business free of controversy.