5 Signs a Virtual Office Could Be Perfect for Your Business

5 Signs a Virtual Office Could Be Perfect for Your Business

Over he last twenty years, the business world has opened up. Now, it is possible to turn any great idea into a profitable company, even if you do not have a traditional setup. You can establish a venture from your bedroom, garage or garden shed with a generous dose of creativity and a little good luck.

However, all businesses get to a point at which more commitment is needed. For entrepreneurs, it is often the decision to move out of the home office and into a more professional address. If you want investors and customers to take you seriously, a strong reputation is required, and it starts with a suitable base.

Keep reading to find out when and why your startup needs flexible, affordable office solutions.

You Can’t Afford a Full-Time Workspace

It is a mistake to think that not being able to afford a full-time lease means game over for a start-up. In fact, it could be the beginning of something special. Rather than lament over sky-high rent prices in Europe, Asia, and America, look for a flexible solution.

With a Servcorp virtual office in Bangkok, for example, you can share maintenance and utility costs with other tenants. By operating out of a communal workspace, you get access to all the right assets, but you are not responsible for the logistics. It is an excellent way to save cash.

You Need Help with Calls

As your startup grows, you will need to invest in more robust forms of communication. Everything from scheduling meetings with investors, organising drops from suppliers, and handling customer queries requires secure contact.

The best option is a company phone line, but this can present challenges of its own. For instance, if you are expanding into the Thai market, you might have a whole other customer base in a different time zone. Fortunately, many virtual providers offer 24/7 receptionists.

Your Overheads Are Spiralling

Being concerned about the size of early overheads is a good indication that you care about the company and understand the importance of balanced spending. For many bootstrapped start-ups, launching happens with very little cash (mostly borrowed from family members).

It means that making a profit fast is a top priority and you can only do this if your expenses are tightly controlled. With a virtual office, careful spending is easy. As all of the resources – broadband, secretarial support, mailboxes, media equipment, etc. – is ‘pay as you go,’ you can consume exactly as much as your budget allows and no more.

You Need a Better Address

To really get your start in the Thai market or anywhere else, you need a professional workspace. Investors will not take you seriously if you are operating out of a spare bedroom. So, start browsing for high profile locations, in parts of the city that have a reputation for success.

In Thailand, you will find lots of great commercial, retail, and corporate districts. Ideally, you want an office in a spot close to a recognisable landmark. That way, everybody will know exactly where to find you when they want to present deals and opportunities.

You Want to Make a Commitment

There are many stories from entrepreneurs and successful business owners about the moment they realized they needed to make a bigger commitment. Often, they involve small children, disruptive pets, and frustrating family members; little distractions which convinced them that, to make it work, they would have to find a proper office.

If you have reached your moment of clarity, it is time to get out of the house and into a slick, professional workspace. You can call yourself a business when important calls are not interrupted by the washing machine and when your cat is not sat on your laptop. Make a move and try a virtual office today. They combine functionality with freedom and high performance.