Recently, Sky TV has come under some negative publicity due to a dissatisfied customer base. This has happened since the new compulsory software update rolled out to 80,000 of their subscribers, which enables them to stream online content on the television set by connecting to the internet via a decoder. Customers with older decoders were even provided with a new one. However, customers have been complaining on social media and via other mediums that the functions of the television such as the planning guide and text decipherability has been giving them trouble. (To find out more about Sky and their decoder updates, please contact the Sky number at 0844 800 3115.)

As such, Sky TV is trying their very best to address these problems and offer a permanent solution to their customers. In the meantime, they have offered some do-it-yourself solutions to the glitch.

Adjust Your Television Sets: Sky says that since the new update is in turquoise and grey color combination, this is making the text difficult for some customers to read, depending on their eyesight. Customers should experiment with adjusting the contrast and brightness settings on their television sets. This could go a long way in correcting the errors they are facing.

Buy a New Cable: Purchasing an HDMI cable to connect your television set to the decoder can help solve the problem. HDMI cables have been found to be more compatible with this latest decoder update.

Watch Sky Go Online: Sky Go is Sky’s online television streaming service. By utilizing this service, one can view all their favorite television shows on laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. Since this is an online service, one can watch and pause it as and when they please, on a customer friendly interface.

Avoid the Update: Although it is difficult since the update is free and compulsory, it has only been rolled out to 50% of Sky’s customers so far. You can find a way to avoid the upgrade if it has not happened yet or consult experts on switching back to the older and more efficient version, at least until Sky finds a solution to this problem.

Quit the Sky Service: As a last resort, one may even consider switching to a different service provider. However, this is a difficult process, especially for those who have been loyal customers of Sky for a long time. Although many other similar live online streaming services such as Netflix are available, Sky has the monopoly in sports viewing in counties such as New Zealand.

It is best to simple remain patient and wait for a few days while Sky experts solve the glitch and continue to provide quality service to you.