5 Social Media Resources that You Can Use to Keep Track of Your Brand Mentions


We can all use some help making our content more pertinent, targeted and reliable. Having more readers is always a good thing as it means that you are creating interest which in turn creates more stability, profit and customer reach. However, where do you start?

Social media is pretty much the place to be when it comes to direct reader engagement. Social media consultants often tout many benefits compared to other web marketing channels — freedom from having to rely on long marketing lists, general keywords and time extensive research studies on consumer insights that often take more time and resources to implement.

To benefit from social media, you need to be constantly monitoring brand mentions. If you know what people are saying about the products or services that you offer, then you can craft excellent responses to queries, track interest, solve problems quickly, target your audience better and achieve better results with online marketing in Sydney.

 If  done right, brand monitoring in social media can bring you the following benefits:

  • Natural links and organic traffic
  • More ideas for content creation/new and more engaging content
  • An opportunity to secure more positive reviews from customers
  • An advantage over most competitors

So how do you track your brand mentions on social media? Consider the following tools that can help you do just that:

 Internal Search Engines

 Most web marketers tend to think that the internal search feature of social media platforms is not worth looking into which is not necessarily the case. This ought to be your first stop when monitoring brand mentions.

Keep in mind that not every search is going to contain a hashtag which suggests that it is entirely possible for mentions to slip under the radar. Hence it is a good idea to spend a bit of time at least once a week to do a manual search on whatever social network you are on to ensure that you are catching all mentions of your brand name and any relevant search terms. Doing so is also a good strategy for keeping tabs on market trends and competitors. Twitter is most likely the best platform for this. However, you can do the same on most other social networks


When people think of social networks, only platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook come to mind. However, there is one primary, yet an often overlooked source of brand mentions that you would do well to consider — Board readers!

As the name suggests, board readers follow message boards and forums for any mention of your brand. It scours those sites for keywords. Board readers are simple tools and often do not have the extra bells and whistles that others have, but they are useful nonetheless.


Buzzsumo is a popular social media tool and one that you should be using if you are serious about keeping track of your brand mentions. Unlike most other social media marketing tools out there, Buzzsumo has a social component that assists in tracking shares, likes and more. It can also serve as a keyword research tool for both search engine optimization and content marketing.

Buzzsumo is a paid tool and charges monthly subscriptions although many web marketers agree that it is well well worth it as it lets you do several things at once. If in doubt, they offer a free trial to show you what the tool is capable of and it is undoubtedly one of the better tracking platforms on the market today.


Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most difficult social media places when it comes to monitoring brand mentions. Tailwind is one of the first social media tools that aims to change all that and if you are looking to track your brand mentions on either of the two social media platforms, then it is worth checking out. You can use Tailwind to keep track of keywords, and brand mentions on Pinterest and Instagram as well as determining trending topics and more.


Another paid social media tool that offers a trial service and one well worth trying if you are in the market for a useful and straightforward resource for tracking brand mentions. You need only input in a keyword or a hashtag, and the tool gives you a tonne of information in return. Everything is focused on reach an audience, so it is perfect for attempting to grow brand name awareness, specifically through content marketing.

So there you have it — 5 tools that you can use to keep track of your brand mentions on social media. There are indeed more of them out there, but you would do well to get your feet wet with any of the resources mentioned above. With the right brand monitoring tool, your business won’t miss out on a brand-relevant message and come up with new and better ways to engage customers and organise marketing campaigns.