Content is key and king if you want to attract people and build trust with them online. This applies not only to individuals but more importantly these days, to companies and organizations that aim to reach a global audience with their online presence.

But content is more than just writing useful and relevant information that people can use on a daily basis. Promoting them on various channels is also essential so more internet users are reached.

Fortunately, companies that don’t have in-house writers and marketers but have the budget can now get the services of content marketers. Another option is to get interns who are skilled in writing and researching including those who have a background in essay writing. For screening purposes, you can let them write a paper from scratch and then determine where they are most suited such as in writing case studies, ebooks or blog posts.

Here are five reliable startups focused on content marketing that can help you in your personal or business goal.


Fuse is different in that it targets to build relationships between web designers and developers. It offers tools for communication and collaboration to these parties whether they are creating websites or software apps.

The specialty of Fuse is providing valuable information including documentation on best practices. It also has a community dedicated to its users who are given an opportunity to show off and share their newest completed projects.

Game Theory

Game Theory makes use of the YouTube Channel. Created by Matthew Patrick, the channel started from scratch but through the years has gained more than five million subscribers.

Patrick, also known as MatPat to his viewers, started Game Theory by producing a video every week on topics related to video games. He would then analyze the video, gathered feedback and gradually found ways to give his target market information on what they wanted. He now works as a consultant for other YouTube users who want to increase their subscribers.


HubSpot is another popular content marketing service. Its blogs alone receive more than two million visits on a monthly basis and its subscribers has already reached the 500,000 mark.

In terms of blogging, HubSpot does it better than the rest in that it publishes several blog posts every day. It also offers free tools such as one that lets people analyze their websites for free and another one that grades a user’s online marketing strategies. These tools are aimed at establishing relationships with their target audience.


The strategy that LeadPages is well known for it converting traffic to email subscribers. For the company, it is vital to capture email addresses when attracting web traffic and taking care of these leads. This technique alone already helped LeadPages gain 15,000 customers from zero in a matter of one year.

Blogging is one method that LeadPages employ to attract people. The company’s blog is regularly updated with fresh posts and has an email newsletter to constantly update its readers.


Established in 2014, Sumome is known for its strong and unique content strategy that has allowed it to reach one billion people in the same year that it launched. These techniques include publishing case studies, creating email courses and conducting online workshops.

Case studies usually discuss how a company or organization started and succeeded in their goals after hiring an expert. They can also be about how people used a product and the positive results they gained afterwards. An important point to consider, though, is to include statistics and other revelant numbers to make the case study more credible. These can then be promoted on a website’s homepage and landing pages as well as on blog posts and newsletters.

Email courses, meanwhile, help in list building and establishing strong ties with your subscribers. Sumome conducts these through its top marketers and entrepreneurs who share helpful marketing tips. It’s a win-win situation as the instructors get added exposure while clients gain new subscribers.

Online workshops, on the other hand, can be open to everyone or only to the clients of a company. It’s essential that a guest speaker who’s an expert in a particular field be invited to share useful information. An advantage of a live workshop is being able to speak directly to the experts or ask questions from them through chat.