5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Company’s Online Visibility


In this day and age, online visibility is an essential component of any successful company. From small businesses to multinational corporations, getting found online by your ideal customer base is what drives revenue and repeat customers in today’s increasingly digital world.

But there are so many buzzwords to understand and tactics to take that it can feel overwhelming to know where to get started. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can improve the digital visibility of your business. 

How to boost online visibility for your business

1.Publish your bio on public platforms

There are lots of websites that enable you to publish your professional bio for free. Beyond the obvious LinkedIn profile, you can submit your bio on public platforms such as Crunchbase or professional association websites in your industry.

For example, venture capitalist Steve Streit’s bio was recently published on the alternative Wikipedia site, Everybodywiki.

When your bio is available on these platforms, it can appear in results for relevant search terms. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the success you’ve had thus far with your business.

2.Submit guest articles on industry-leading websites

From general business blogs to well-known publications in your industry, there are almost endless opportunities to submit guest articles to other websites. 

Some of these websites attract millions of readers and many of them welcome guest authors who can share their expertise with readers. Many publications will let you include a link to your website in the author bio of your guest article.

For example, many business people contribute to publications such as Forbes to boost their visibility and attract visitors to their own websites. 

3.Create insightful video content

Although it can require more time commitment than other techniques, there’s no doubt that video content is a fantastic way to raise the online profile of your company. In fact, 87% of businesses that leverage video marketing experience a positive ROI on this strategy.

Perhaps your video content could be industry tips or “how to” explainer videos. You could start your own podcast-style interview series with experts in your industry. With the availability of tools like Zoom, creating engaging video content doesn’t require a steep investment in expensive equipment like days of old.

The best part about video marketing is that you can recycle this content across multiple channels to maximize its impact. From YouTube videos to short clips on social media channels, video content can continue generating visibility over long periods of time. 

4.Collect customer reviews and testimonials

Creating and managing your own website is only half the battle when it comes to online visibility. A huge part of the equation is your presence on other more established websites and platforms. One example is customer reviews and testimonials. 

No matter what type of business you run, you’ll find websites that cater to reviews of your specific product or service. For example, Tripadvisor is well known for reviews of tourist attractions and travel-related businesses. Capterra publishes profiles and reviews of software products. Yelp is a platform that targets small, local business reviews.

These websites attract millions of savvy consumers who search for the product or service they need and closely analyze the review profiles of multiple businesses. By ensuring you are present on review websites and encouraging your customers to leave reviews, you can easily be found by people actively searching for what your business provides.

5.Experiment with social media and online forums

Most business websites will include links to standard social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. But the key to leveraging social media to increase your brand’s visibility is experimentation. You may be missing out on lesser-known social channels or forums where you can connect with potential customers. Or you may not have tweaked your social content enough to know what really resonates with your target audience.

For example, there might be a forum on Reddit that’s a perfect fit for you to represent your business and engage with prospective customers. Or you might want to do some research on Facebook and LinkedIn for private groups you can join to engage with others in your industry.

The bottom line

Generating awareness and connecting with your target audience doesn’t have to mean investing in expensive ad campaigns or marketing consultants. With these five easy techniques, you’ll quickly boost awareness and visibility for your company online without the need for complex strategies or large budgets.