5 Tips to Successfully Market Your Law Firm


Practicing law is a competitive business, but because each year millions of Americans will need some sort of legal representation, it is not a business short on demand. Because there are multiple law firms in every city, standing out from the rest can be a perplexing dilemma. Here are 3 tips to help you successfully market your law firm.

1. Online Presence

In this day and age, you’re hurting your business if you don’t have an online presence, which includes social media pages, a website and advertising. Rocket Pilots advises law firms to embrace Google Ads because their campaigns are highly targeted. It also pays a high return on investment.

The content on your web page should be informative and optimized for search results. Provide content that includes educational articles, advice and videos. People are searching for crucial information on the law that your firm can provide.

The strategies for successful online advertising and promotion are always changing, and you don’t have time to keep up with the trends. Hire professionals to handle your social media, ad campaigns and web content. 

2. Branding

Branding is crucial for any business, but in law, your brand image needs to focus on what you do best. While branding will also be part of your online presence, it will also go beyond online. Your branding needs to be a part of your newsletters, your business cards and any print and outdoor advertising with which you invest. Choose an image for your company that will appeal to your target audience and stick with it.

3. Civic and Non-Profit Organizations

Organizations are a great way to get to know the people in your community and promote your business. When you join these organizations, choose organizations that actually appeal to you and the members of your firm. Someone from the firm will need to attend meetings and fundraisers.

Put your business second to the business of the organization while you are engaged in its activities. If you prioritize the needs of the organization, the leads will follow. Let people remember you for your compassion rather than your self-promotion. 

4. Event Sponsorship

If event sponsorship didn’t work businesses wouldn’t do it. Set aside a budget every year just for event sponsorship and get brand recognition at as many big reoccurring events that you are able.

Because these sponsorships will run into the thousands of dollars to be a main sponsor, you may only be able to sponsor a few, so choose wisely. Will the type of client you are targeting be likely to attend these events? And is the event reflective of your business’s values? These are important questions to ask on such a large investment. 

5. Know Your Clients

Word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools in your possession, and it’s free. Actually get to know your client and build a good rapport with them. If they like you, they’ll refer you to their friends and family.

While you may have a lot of clients, and it can become difficult to keep track of them, you can keep information on your clients with their contact information. If they have kids, include the kid’s names and ages in your contact notes. If they collect classic automobiles, include that. Your clients will be impressed when you remember prior personal discussions you’ve had with them. 

Not all of your marketing efforts will require monetary investments. Investments in simply showing you care will pay off as well. These five strategies will bring your firm much-needed exposure to compete with the hundreds of other firms clients have to choose from.