Your gaming experience can be so much more with a good internet connection. It does not matter what online game you play, whether it is the Xbox, PS4 or WiiU,your chosen router will strongly affect how much you enjoy your game. A lousy signal can disrupt what should otherwise be an uninterrupted flow, buffering and skips can make you fling your console in frustration.

Without good internet access, your international gaming options are severely limited and a day of gaming with friends will not be as enjoyable as it ought to be. There are a lot of super fast routers available on the market. However, you need the best router for gaming for the best gaming experience.

So now that you know what you need, let’s explain why you need a better router for gaming.

  • Much better, stable and advanced security

This is an important point to consider— apart from the speed and coverage—when it comes to getting a router created for gaming. Security is one of the first things one must worry about in the new internet age as it is easy to open yourself up to attack and compromise your personal information and other types of data. If you are gaming online, you are more exposed to this risk as you’ll probably be competing with different gamers from all around the world, some of who could be hackers or intruders looking for vulnerable spots. A router with advanced security such as VPN-compatibility will go a long way in helping to secure your network.

  • Better performance with regular updates.

Software upgrades or updates are a common phenomenon in the tech world, almost every device or application you use will need to be updated every so often as the manufacturers fix both minor and significant defects from time to time. Upgrading your software as soon as a new update is available will save you time and energy, and it will increase the speed and performance of your router thereby allowing you to have a more enjoyable and uninterrupted gaming experience. The right gaming router will send you regular updates from time to time.

  • Excellent gaming routers perform better

You can use a router for just about any device that can be connected to the internet. You can use it for your television, printer, personal computer, smartphone, tablets and more so if you buy a router, you do not have to restrict its uses to gaming. However, activities like gaming, streaming videos on your devices tend to hog bandwidth and slow down your device. Because of this, you have to consider going for a gaming router that is created specifically for gaming. Some routers like the NEtgear R7800 offers 5300 Mbps over three bands..

  • Ethernet will make it worth your while

Gaming with wifi is not the worst idea in the world, but it is not the best either, although you would not need a cable as with ethernet, you will not also have the speed you desire–essential for online gaming. Routers with ethernet ports will perform so much better with incredible speed. It is also possible to use gigabit wifi to achieve this level of speed and performance, but due to interference and signal obstructions, you won’t get to enjoy the speed. Ethernet ports may seem inconvenient if you have to play your games in a separate room from the internet but that can be easily solved with powerline adapters. With these, you can move data through power outlets.

  • Wireless routers are another great option

Ethernet ports may be entirely out of the question for you; if that is the case, wireless routers are the way to go. They may not have extensive coverage, but they are fast and reliable, if your wifi router is dual-band, then you can quickly switch between bands to save data or increase performance and connectivity. If you have a problem with signal interference, remove all of the things obstructing your wifi and place it in the centre of the room.