5 types of inbound call center solutions that can supercharge your business


The success of any business depends on the excellent quality of customer services which never goes out of trend. To ensure the availability of such a quality customer experience, you must make use of a reliable support team and systems for your clients. The efficiency of your team also depends on the software solution you give your team to work with.

One of the best ways of handling issues your client may be facing is by allowing them to initiate calls. This is known as an inbound call center where they reach out to your team their challenges. Almost all call centers have a toll-free number given by the hiring company which encourages maximum issues to be identified and resolved just in a few steps and hence, helps your business retain your customers and also, turn them into happy customers. Sometimes, it even turns into upselling or new lead.

The requests from clients about products reach your backend team through these inbound call centers. But often, the length of the call flow becomes a bigger challenge to create various issues and challenges linked to this. It becomes easier when a complete and integrated call center services are provided as inbound call center solutions and this is where inbound call center outsourcing comes into the scene.

Provided with easy and advanced technology solutions, these inbound call center services boost and enrich the overall performance of your backend team when they focus on their problem-solving approach away from a long queue of callers where some of the issues can be solved just within a second. Some of the other issues are solved in the IVR itself.

To ensure exceptional caller experience, here are five types of inbound call center services to consider that help you to increase sales, retain customers and create loyalty:

  • Information and Billing Queries – With the help of automatic call distribution methodology, today’s BPOs are efficient enough in handling billing and product-related information. These teams are already trained in these particular areas and thus they save a lot of time and can handle multiple clients in just a few minutes.

While IVR helps in identifying the category of an issue, intelligently automate inbound call distribution is a way to route your customer support queries to the best-suited expert based on the type of information required, agent availability and agent skill-set. IVR also helps inbound call center services in reducing the call flow by solving certain enquiry.

Domain Expertise, Scalability and flexibility are the three key features of billing management in inbound call center service.

There are myriads of scope of this Outsourced Billing Queries Handling Services which include billing management, bill inquiries assessment, billing disputes and complaints, up-selling activities management, receivables management, Recovery management or collection, payment management, revenue assurance and verification process. This inbound call center service ensures seamless customer inquiries and bill management by provide billing inquiry status, and resolve billing problems in a timely manner for better customer satisfaction and more

  • Order Taking Services – With the help of skill-based routing, these inbound call center services enable easy processes to place an order in just a few steps. It helps connect each unique client to the best-suited agent available for interaction with the expertise and information exactly what they need. Enhanced skill-based routing with the provision of a smart scheduler helps these call centers to identify idle agents with higher accuracy and connect the call to that agent. Technology today has changed the way we look at customer satisfaction. Most of our customers feel pre-marketing services should be the easiest process as this is the time where expectation gets built. Once this expectation goes below, clients get discouraged to even get involved with any call or mail. They easily can switch to different brands.
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling Services – Convince first and cross-sell next. This is a universal truth. If your clients are not convinced with your services, impressed by your team’s efficiency, they will not listen to your additional piece of information carefully and seriously.
  • Up-selling and cross-selling, both are the best way to pump your business opportunities. They help in formulating a database with important customer information, implementing personalized marketing strategies that emphasize on one-to-one communication, delivering appropriate messages to the target audience and more. The outsourced team build, manage, and calculate effective up-selling and cross-selling programs and implement them in the most effective and customised way
  • Product Recall Management Services – This one is a comprehensive offshore product recall management solution where the services range from planning and testing to recall retrieval and sustainability. The outsourced inbound call center service includes product recall and corrective action management services like testing to identify product safety issues, assessing risk, assisting with the requirements of the general product safety directive, product disposal, managing product updates, reporting and analysing cost, using advanced analytics, planning more effectively for potential future product recalls and many more.
  • Inquiry Handling Services – This set of inbound call center services uses well-crafted process and advanced solutions to handle client’s inquiry and responding to the different types of inquiries came on telephone, website, email, chat, handling information requests. The inquiry handling services reinforce commitment towards customers and help you to enhance your brand image. The outsourced team helps manage expectations where the prompt answers provided by the team help trigger the customer to think next and take the next step to go ahead and purchase your product or your service. This is the most important part of your client services where you can drive the maximum sale into your business. An Inquiry Handling Team, along with their expertise in excelling in inquiry handling, helps you locate your dealer, agent or distributor. The multi-language voice response approach helps you reach out to clients from different geographies in spite of their diverse language.

More than customer service, customer engagement has become the most important part of any business which can help create an influential business driver in the current business scenario. Therefore, businesses must outsource call center services to specialized, trusted, and renowned service providers.