The 5 Ways Poor Credit Can Affect Your Life


Having poor credit can affect your life in several different ways, some of which you may not have even been aware of. While it’s important to do your best to maintain great credit, that isn’t always possible, and if you end up with bad credit, you should know how you’ll be impacted.

1. It Will Be Much Harder to Get a Loan

A lot of lenders will refuse to work with any individuals who have poor credit. This means that, when you need to get a loan for a large purchase, for a car, or for a home, you’ll find it much more difficult to get the money that you need. Thankfully, though, there’s hope. With a bit of extra research, you can find lenders like that are willing to help people with poor credit get the funds that they need.

2. It May Be Harder to Get a Job

Many people don’t realise that having poor credit could make it more difficult to get a job. Employers can access a job applicant’s credit history, and the information within a credit report could influence their hiring decisions.

3. It Could Be Harder to Find a Place to Rent

Landlords will also want to know more about you before they agree to give you a place to rent, and that means that they won’t think twice about accessing your credit report. If you have poor credit, they may decide that they don’t feel comfortable with giving you their rental property because they aren’t confident enough in your ability to pay the rent each month.

4. You’ll Have to Deal with Higher Interest Rates

Another downfall that comes with having poor credit is having to deal with higher interest rates. If your credit score is anywhere from 680 to 720, you’ll pay a higher interest rate, even if you’re approved for a loan. Even just a minor increase in your interest rate could cause you to spend a lot more money on a car loan or mortgage, so this is a big deal, and the only way to fix this problem is to raise your credit score by changing the way you handle your finances.

5. You Will Be More Stressed

Dealing with poor credit and all of the problems that it brings will lead to a more stressful life. Your mental state will suffer as you worry about how you will pay off your credit card debt, how you will prevent going further into debt, and how you will be able to afford the things that you need on a daily basis. You may even be hassled by calls from debt collectors, and you may end up suffering from physical ailments as a result of this mental stress.

These are just a few of the many ways that your poor credit can adversely affect your life. If you can manage to change your spending and saving habits, however, you can change your credit score for the better, so don’t give up hope.