5 Ways to Become a Networking Dynamo


Recruiting season is around the corner! Whether you’re a student looking for an internship or a graduate looking for opportunities at a new company, it’s important to brush up on your networking skills. Even moving up in your current company requires some networking.

Maybe you will be participating in a job fair, networking event, or interview in the next few months. Make good impressions by updating your resume, using an electronic business card and more. In this article, we teach you how to up your networking game.

Update Your Resume

You have done some incredible work recently. You should flaunt it! Update your resume before you start applying for jobs. Recruiters want to see all relevant work you have done. If you’re a student without much experience in your field, include the employment you have had. Surely you have learned valuable skills from these jobs. If you have been in your field for several years, only include the most relevant experiences. Anything on your resume can be used as a conversation starter in an interview, so be ready to talk about anything you include. 

Collect Certifications

Spice up your resume with some certifications. Listing skills and certifications on a resume can set you apart from other job candidates and networking event attendees. Consider getting another certification or two before your next networking opportunity. An agile product management certification is a great one to get. Knowing how to design a good product is important whether you are a product manager or not. Any hiring manager in the business field will appreciate seeing this on your resume. Other certifications will enhance your resume. What will you add?

Create a LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is critical to networking effectively. Created in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to widespread popularity in the last twenty years. Now more than 20,000 companies in the U.S. use LinkedIn to recruit. Make sure they don’t skim past your profile! Update your profile photo, skills, and work experiences. Profiles with 5 or more skills listed are 33x more likely to be messaged by recruiters. Treat it as a digital resume and follow the advice given above! Additionally, it is important to expand your network. 70% of people are hired by companies that they already have connections at. Build your network by adding people that your connections know. Create a habit of connecting digitally with people you meet at in-person networking events. A great LinkedIn presence can go a long way.

Use an Electronic Business Card 

After networking events, paper business cards get lost or abandoned in a pile of countless cards. Plus, you have to print more and more of them. Get an electronic business card to simplify the experience. Recruiters can scan the QR code on your card and your digital resume will appear on their phone. This saves paper, waste, and trips to print business cards. Revolutionize your networking experience by acquiring an electronic business card.

Develop Interpersonal Skills

Everything mentioned so far is pointless if you leave a negative or forgettable impression on the people you network with. Great interpersonal skills are what make the biggest impact. Learn to listen. Remember that it is not always about you. Talk about your work experience when asked, but remember to ask questions and listen to what the other person has to say about their company. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the interaction. Even if you decide you’re not interested in the company, don’t let that show. Any connection is a good connection to add to your network. Always thank them for their time and follow up on LinkedIn afterwards. 

Add these tricks to your repertoire and you are sure to make a splash this recruiting season. Remember that networking also happens outside of job fairs and structured networking events. Treat every interview and elevator interaction as a networking opportunity. Your next big opportunity is waiting for you just around the corner!