If you are a team leader then you understand what it is to lead a team, whether it consists of 5 team members or 30 it’s not easy. Groups of different types of people can impact workplace productivity. So, how do you boost their efficiency?Efficiency is a level of performance that describes a process that uses the lowest amount of inputs to create the highest amount of outputs. You can boost your team’s efficiency in a couple ways with collaboration:

  • Team innovations
    Most of us have different points of views on certain topics, let your team members host “Team Innovations”, this way they can present original ideas for the team or clients. Select the best idea and put it into action, let them see that you appreciate their hard work and that you are giving them a chance to spread their wings and be creative.
  • Organized individuals
    To improve collaboration you need to provide strong leadership. What that means is that a strong leader should assign individual assignments like developing ideas and bringing them back into the group. Individual assignments are known to be the most effective forms for a team to collaborate.
  • Task Management
    An effective and successful system to manage tasks and projects is the key to team collaboration. The system should provide a calendar and a chat functionality as well as it should store documents, projects and include tasks, this type of system is known as an all-in-one environment. Which would allow, all of your team members to have access to all the files, as well as make individual folders to share with certain teammates or customers. You can look at all-in-one system management, like G-Suite and Microsoft Teams, or Basecamp,Wrike, and Asana. Working within the same framework which can offer this system will provide organization and improve collaboration.
  • Telling stories
    Let`s imagine you run an SEO company, as the company grows you hire more and more members to the team, and groups begin to form. Although a lot of the people don`t know each other, allow everyone to meet and tell their stories for everyone to understand each other’s journeys and plans. This is a compelling aspect in the world of web design and development and for a team to build and learn they must understand each other.
  • Open communication
    Take advantage of technology and improve teamwork as well as collaboration. A team chat is always a good idea for a group of memebers staying in contact with each other. It’s been told that people are more outgoing with a computer than in person. Everyone’s work contributes toward a higher goal, so make sure that there are clear expectations and responsibilities.

The key to any project success is team collaboration. Project managers must make sure they establish collaboration techniques in order to improve their team’s performance for their project management process. The tips mentioned above are just ideas that will help you and your team work with more efficiency and productivity.