Your business is great, but does your community know that? Most business owners are dealing with plenty of competition both in real life and online. Nowadays consumers can get pretty much anything they want from anywhere in the world, day or night.

So what sets your business apart from all the others?

Sharing your company’s credibility and trustworthiness can really make your business stand out. Displaying corporate certifications and awards, as well as focusing on positive client reviews are all very effective. Below are a few more tips to keep your business looking professional and staying memorable.

  1. Get Certified

Expanding your personal knowledge of the industry or your role within that particular market can really elevate your business profile. Taking special licensing classes or getting certified in a particular skill will increase credibility with your clientele. Already have a special business certification? Display it where customers can see what you and your business have achieved or put the certification on your business cards. Brag about your skills because your competitors are already bragging about theirs.

2.Post Ratings & Reviews

Showing off is a good thing when you’re a business owner. Letting everyone know about your positive customer reviews and ratings are things people actually look for when trying to decide where to spend their money. Put product ratings or customer reviews on your website and in your shop; make five-star feedback part of your marketing materials and advertising. Be sure you always respond to online comments, both positive and negative, to show you care about your clients. .

 3.Touch Base

Business owners in the digital age know that having a strong social media presence helps build a following. You can use your online platforms to remind clients about upcoming sales, new products, or fun events. This goes for your printed marketing materials too. Spend some time and money on mailing postcards about unique sales or flyers listing special discounts. Find a way to regularly reach out to customers so they always keep you in mind.

  1. Market Your Skills

Don’t be afraid to share your amazing skills with your customers. Do you own an arts and crafts shop? Do you run a bakery or a restaurant? If you have a unique ability, then share it with your patrons through a workshop. Host a knitting circle or a cooking class for anyone willing to attend. Offering to teach customers something will get them engaged with your business and they’ll be sure to share this with other people. Patrons may even bring a neighbor or co-worker to one of your special seminars.

  1. Knowledgeable Staff

Make sure to train your employees fully so they’re knowledgeable about your business. Team members should know all about your products or services. This makes it easier for staff to share suggestions and advice with patrons when they ask for assistance. Besides knowing a lot of practical details, be sure your employees know less tangible things like what motivated you to start your business or the corporate mission. This will motivate your staff and give your customers the feeling you’re operating more than just another faceless money-making business.

In all honesty, owning a small business is exciting but a lot of work. To protect your business, you should consider purchasing business insurance. This type of insurance can safeguard your contents, stock and other assets against unexpected events.

So long as you love what you’re doing then the hard work doesn’t seem so bad. In the long run, staying credible and trustworthy for your clientele is the best way to keep customers coming back for more while expanding your patronage. Being honest, consistent, and transparent will motivate your customers to support your business long-term.