For fast moving consumer goods manufacturers, one of the main headaches is to reduce the major expenses and packaging is one of them. However, considering that packaging has to be trendy and attractive to customers, this has not been easy. Here are a few ways to lessen packaging costs in any business.

  1. Get packaging made in the shape of the products that you manufacture

If you make round biscuits, then it is only reasonable that you back the same in round packaging to save space. Should you try packing it in triangular, square or rectangular packaging, you will find that a lot of space at the corners is wasted. Wasted space inside a package means wasted money and material. The use of flexible packaging makes this happen for businesses these days. Flexible food packaging is the trendiest in the packaging industry.

  1. Outsource The Printing Side Of Things

Printing no doubt plays a very big role in the packaging materials because this is what transfers the colors of your brand, your logo, your marketing message and any other information you want on the label to the packaging. However, when you do your packaging printing in-house, it could end up to be costlier because people make mistakes, especially when printing is not their specialty. That is why you ought to outsource the printing business to professionals who will do the job once-off and ensure quality all the time. But if you operate your business in large scale, you can have your own flexible packaging printers and a team of skilled manpower to do the printing. On the other hand, outsourcing can be a great cost saving idea especially you if operate in a small scale.

  1. Use Advanced Equipment

One of the mistakes that many companies make is to be stuck with aged equipment that was manufactured when Energy Star or WaterSense did not exist. These printing machines are not only ink guzzlers, but they are also power guzzlers thus sending your energy bills to the roof. Buy modern equipment that will not only save ink, but will do a high quality job at an incredibly low cost. You may have to pay a high cost for buying or leasing such a machine, but you will recover this cost and get much more value for your money.

  1. Use the lightest packaging material possible

Never pay more than you should when shipping your products. If you have rigid packaging, it may actually weigh more than flexible packaging. Always go for the latter because it is so lightweight it practically contributes nothing to the shipping weight. Again, flexible packaging has many benefits both to the manufacturer as well as to the consumer. Flexible could be just the thing that will put you ahead of the competition.

  1. Pack Your Products Accordingly

If you pack our product in very small packaging material, it could burst and cause your business losses. If you pack it in too big a packaging material, it will still cause you losses because this excess material goes to waste. To get it just right, use a design software to calculate the material you will need for a certain product. You can also use the software to calculate the volume of the product, as well as the strength that would be required to ship that product. This will help you get the math just right and will save you from wasting any thing. Lastly, small products should go into small packaging and vice versa.