Implementing proper strategies of display in the trade shows is essential to make sure your booth attract more visitors. Therefore, the sales can just be on the spots. So, what are the strategies?

Choose a Right Location

It is not a secret that a strategic booth location is a plus point for the product brand. Commonly, the corner or the crossroad is a good choice. It is reasonable then if the cost to rent the spot tends to be higher. It means you need to decide and even choose that spot long before the D-day and before other participants may think the same way.

Design the Booth with Necessary Look

Next, decide the visual look of your booth. It should not only attractive but also necessary with the products you want to buy. This way, you can promote your product and attract the visitors to come at once. You must know that every brand must have its own philosophy and identity to be brought out. As an example, if your business offers the products for outdoor and traveling, create a kind of booth with nature there along with the trees, stones, and more.

The identity can be established through some items implemented starting from the wall, floor, furniture, and others. Indeed, you must work harder at this point by applying certain colors and details. On the wall, you can attach some decorations and accessories made from Styrofoam or plastic. Meanwhile, you can apply the rollable trade show flooring offered by Exhibe Portable on the floor.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a strategy to display the message, identity, or philosophy of a brand on the product arrangement, graphics, and interior. It is common in the form of banner whether it is giant or x banner. It is to attempt the visitors to acknowledge and buy the offered products. it is much better if the visual merchandising is added with some supporting elements like colors, lighting, and audio or video illustration.

Brand Name Arrangement

A booth that has been arranged as good as possible still needs a sign for a brand name. The main purpose is to make the booth can be recognized by the visitors even from far away. Here, you need to consider the size of the sign along with lighting and the position.

Moving Icon

As a steady media, your booth must need some help from an icon that can move to any area of the trade show. You must have seen a kind of mascots like a robot or big doll walking around the trade show. Well, it is what to be intended at this point. Just let the moving mascot or icon move from one booth to another to attract the visitors to come to your booth.

Demonstrate Your Products

It is known also as the product showcase. Well, it is important to do it during the trade show in front of the visitors. Do it several times a day based on how long the trade show is conducted. Despite attracting the visitors, the showcase is also functioned to give further information regarding the product. The way you demonstrate the product must be in line with the identity you have applied to the booth’s design.