Get the best hands-on experience on your new Mac gadget. Browse, scroll, and install the quality apps to provide you an utmost convenience.

What’s the latest trend today? People find their tasks a lot easier and faster when they download applications from the App Store. You can seek an instant help which can benefit your work, activities, and leisure.

In addition, you’re working and enjoying at the same time. Theapp controls are responsive and user-friendly to use.We listed down six awesome MAC apps to make your tasks effective and efficient.

  1. Dropbox

Some people forgot their USBs and all their files were stored in the device. This is actually a dilemma towards performing your work, activities, or studies. On the other hand, some people have their USBs but their device was already full enough to add more files.

With Dropbox, you don’t need to worry about the memory size and you don’t even need a device to back up your files. Setting up an account is just pretty much easy. All you need to do is to sign up and get a free 2 GB storage space. You can also share the folder, provide access to your teams, and collaborate with the folders. Do you plan to expand your basic 2 GB storage? Well, you can also pay for $10 a month to have a 1 TB storage.

Even if you’re offline, you can still access the files and modify some documents. It will automatically be saved once you already have an internet connection. Just make sure to sync your MAC folder to the Dropbox for a time saver and convenient file storage.

  1. Evernote

Trust the Evernote app whenever you organize files, write content, and illustrate drawings, graphtables, and charts, as well as add pictures on the platform. It has a simple appearance, but it contains plenty of features to try.

Evernote offers a free basic app in which you can upload up to 60 MB files. This app can also be purchased for a premium account for a $35 a year. In addition, it can also be synced to your device in order to upload pictures or files easier.

  1. Pixelmator

We often used our smartphones to edit and improve our photos. However, most free apps were restricted to their features. The Pixelmator provides an excellent wide selection of editing tools that work like an Adobe Photoshop.

The utility app is very techie and savvy to use because you’ll just need to toss the app on your screen to head start the editing. It also supports the MAC’s touch bar features in which you can access the app fast and easy.


  1. PDF Expert

Do you want to edit, highlight, or modify your texts? Use the PDF Expert app to your PDF formatted files in order to directly edit the file. This tool is also helpful for the students to make their study lessonsefficient and techy.

When it comes to the design, the app is following a minimalist desktop feature. You can merge multiple files, convert Excel or Word to PDF, and sign the files. It is definitely a great productivity tool for both office employees and students.

  1. Google Chrome

According to Tech Radar, the Google Chrome is the best browser and search engine so far in the history. It is an incredible app invention which has a lot of functions, add-ons, and built-in utility apps. Some say it is a genius browser and app tool that can help with office-related tasks, studies, and recreational activities.

This browser manifests an intuitive integration and dynamic functions which makes it flexible, responsive, and user-friendly interface. Google Chrome is definitely a browser that stands out the rest.

  1. Disk Clean Pro

The MAC gadgets are engineered with quality software and hardware that can refrain any virus to penetrate the system. However, you still need a disk clean pro to remove all the contaminated files. It is the best MAC cleaner software in order to scan and boost the speed of your computer.

This utility app also manages to clear your browser and system’s cache and cookies. The disk clean pro also removes the trash files, incomplete downloads, and unwanted logs. This app is very useful to assist you in keeping your MAC protected and safe from any online and system threats.