People always want to know, should they invest in gold? There’s a lot of conflicting information floating around about the yellow metal. When you dive into the charts trying to find gold’s relationship to stocks, oil, or other commodities, you can really wind up in confusing territory. You don’t need to be a numbers expert to start investing in gold. Here are simple, easy-to-understand reasons why you should buy gold:

#1 Gold is money

Gold has been used to store value for at least 3000 years. It has a proven exchange value compared to labor and currency. More importantly, is gold money in 2018? It’s been 40 years since the USD was disconnected from gold. In the last century, all major currencies have depreciated compared to gold.

#2 Gold is an inflation hedge

If you’re betting against inflation, invest in gold. Cash deposits slowly lose value as inflation chips away at its purchasing power. In hyper-inflation scenarios, where consumers lose confidence in the local currency, the stability and reassurance of gold makes it a highly desirable asset.

#3 Gold can’t go bankrupt

Buying stocks is the same as putting your confidence, and your money, in the management and operations of a company. Poor management, bad decisions, and a failure to adapt to changing markets could leave the company bankrupt. Then it defaults on its obligations, its stock will be worthless, and money lent to it will be a write-off. Gold bullion carries no third-party risk.

#4 Gold is a tangible asset

As the banking and monetary system increasingly goes digital, even now including cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is nothing more than a security code, it pays to diversify for security. Gold can’t be hacked or simply “erased.” It can be stolen, but between safes, locks, storage solutions, and insurance, you’re much better protected with tangible assets than digital ones.

#5 Gold is a way to diversify

You don’t need to become a gold bug to enjoy the benefits of investing in gold. Many investors balance stocks and bonds with some investment in gold, anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of their portfolio. Gold bounces back when investors get startled on the stock market. You can mitigate sustained losses on the stock market with your gains in gold and rebalance your portfolio when the dust settles.

#6 Gold is liquid and easy to store

Gold has a high liquidity, especially gold bullion coins like the Gold Eagle or Maple Leaf. Compared to other commodities, it also has a great weight-to-value ratio, making it easy to store.

If you’re convinced that investing in gold is the right idea, invest in gold with Silver Gold Bull or another online gold dealer. Online dealers tend to offer better prices and often cover shipping fees. A place like Silver Gold Bull can also assign high net worth investors with an account executive to help achieve all of their investment goals.

Investing in gold is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself from certain risks. Buy gold today.