6 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Ruby On Rails

If you’re a developer then you must have heard about Ruby on Rails, Haven’t you? It is one of the popular open-source web application frameworks built on Ruby programming language. With this framework, you can accomplish so much, you can build both simple and complex applications and websites. From small to large companies, everybody is benefiting from this framework to create applications that would facilitate them in serving their customers better.

Wondering why are people interested in Ruby on Rails? Even though it has been years since its launch. The popularity of this framework has gone up, but still, some people would not agree with this statement. If you’re also one of those, then it’s time to change your thoughts. Since its inception in the 2000s, it has greatly influenced the web app development. One of the reasons for its popularity could be its features, it has innovative features that allow the users to seamlessly create database tables and scaffolding of migration and views.

You could say that these features have enabled in creating amazing applications. Not only that, you could say Ruby is a highly impressive language. This framework is a code-based data model and it is quite simple to learn too.

Still not convinced? Then, here are a few reasons to learn this amazing framework.

Ruby-Great Language

You could say Ruby is one of the most impressive and versatile languages. It is among the top 10 programming languages. Many big companies such as Airbnb, GitHub are using ruby on rails. One could say that this framework is far from dying, especially because of the number of existing projects depending on it. As they should also be maintained and extended, Ruby on Rails is quite important for organisations now. It evolves constantly with time, Ruby updates at least twice a year. The creators are putting their efforts to constantly evolve the language. Although the performance issues are not likely to disappear anytime soon, the Ruby 3 which is planned to be released in 2020 is expected to have several significant improvements that could make it’s faster.

Best for startup’s

Ruby on Rails simple, readable and intuitive syntax makes it a perfect choice for startups. In fact, it is suitable for any company that plans on delivering or extending its software products as soon as possible. It helps you in developing applications faster. Faster the development, the faster you can save. Simply put, if you finish developing your application fast then it goes to the market faster and will bring you saving fast. If you’re planning to start your own business then learning this language will facilitate you in creating an application within your limited budget. It is cheap and easy to extend or build applications with Ruby. You can also use this framework to build internal or back-end applications too.


Ruby on Rails is a code-based data model. Once the initial data model is done, if you want to make any changes then you can only make them through scripts. The Ruby is both a mature programming language and stable technology. You can always write bad codes in this language, as it is highly flexible. But, look at the bright side, this language allows you to write readable codes, if properly written they could be understood by your fellow developers.    

Active Community

Apart from being the open-source web application, it is also associated with a highly progressive community. It has vast resources and libraries that could help you in understanding the language better. RoR has everything that can help a developer happy, from the active, helpful community to readable syntax this programming language has everything. RoR community has made over 3500 contributions on GitHub. The developers are releasing frequent updates to ensure that applications created using this framework can be developed and delivered quickly. The people in this community regularly share their experiences and troubleshoot their problems. Whenever you’re facing any issue, you can easily look up for solution in the community.  And lastly, this community is beginner-friendly, here people are always ready to help you.

Forgiving language

Ruby is a forgiving language, unlike other languages such as Javascript, Python, etc. RoR applications are mostly written in Ruby language. This language has only a few features, which is especially good if you’re a beginner. In most of the languages such as Javascript, Python, you have to end your lines with a semicolon and always be careful of tabbing and whitespaces. But with Ruby, you don’t have to worry about any of these. It doesn’t matter if you forgot the parenthesis or curly brackets, as ruby clearly understands what you mean. Simply put, Ruby is highly readable and comfortable for a beginner.

Teaches you best practices

Ruby on Rails makes a lot of assumptions on its own, until and unless you tell it otherwise. It allows you to do stuff in the commonly accepted manner, at least in the beginning. It includes a testing framework by default too. If you’re a beginner then it gets hard for you to grasp all these programming concepts. Instead of starting with hard and complicated languages, you can start with Ruby on Rails. You don’t even have to know SQL to use a database in RoR. Sounds cool, right? This framework is particularly easy and perfect for beginners who don’t know or care about customising every single detail of their application.


Ruby on Rails highly depends on the convention but not on the configuration. You can finish your work quickly with it. RoR allows you to have direct access to CSS, HTML and JavaScript. With RoR you have complete control over how you present your codes. What else would a developer need, right? So if you want to develop a web application easy and quick, then Ruby on Rails is perfect for you.