The gaming community is one of the biggest and most diverse collection of geeks with a shared common interest; as evidenced by the numerous forums, chat groups, websites and movies.

There are quite a few things you’d find in every serious gamer’s bedroom or office (these rooms are often the same thing!); from a top-notch gaming computer, to the best 144hz monitor that they could afford. In the following, we’ll take a look at some more of the standard items that they seemingly can’t live (happily) without.

  1. Capable Gaming Headset

These are necessary for an immersive experience – even if you’re not chatting with fellow gamers while trying to coordinate an offensive on some alien planet. Music rates pretty highly in games these days, with some award-winning scores dominating the sonic landscape. You should expect to spend up to a couple of hundred dollars for the best gaming headsets; or no less than maybe $50 for a pair of adequate headphones. If you’re at a loss for options to try, check out Logitech, Turtle Beach or Triton – these are excellent brands.

  1. A Computer Monitor With a High Refresh Rate



This means that cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and even some LCD screens are out. You want a screen that refreshes frequently and quickly, so that those high frame-rate first person shooters play without a hitch. In many of the more intensive video games, the visual experience is half the attraction – and a monitor with a refresh rate of around 144Hz is considered ideal.

  1. A Fridge and Snacks Setup

Yes; you read that right – every gamer needs a mini-fridge right next to his set-up, along with chips, cookies, etc. The truly immersive activity that real gaming can be often means being rooted to the same spot for hours at a time. Ask any gamer, and they’ll tell you that it isn’t uncommon to simply skip a meal in order to continue navigating a particular dungeon, or fighting an especially powerful boss character.

  1. Auxiliary Computer – Tablet, Smartphone, Etc

How else are you going to look up cheat codes, walkthroughs and character analyses? You don’t want to have to sue the Task Manager to quit the game just so you can surf the web. Chances are, if you had to do that, you’d simply skip it and opt to struggle. Have your Tablet within arm’s reach so that you can, at the very least, check your email to make sure you haven’t been unexpectedly called into work tonight.


Also, given that we live in the world of social media, you can more easily check updates from all the software developers and famous gamer personalities using your Smartphone. The communities are robust, and can deliver a lot of tips and score comparisons as you hack through the latest Skyrim siege.

  1. LED Lights and Decorations

You’ve got to personalize your space, after all – right? You probably have a serious gamer as a friend, and have seen his blue-hued room that looks like a nuclear radiation facility. He makes it work using an assortment of LED lights, movie posters and other personal touches. It’s an introduction to a gaming world, and designing your own will make a world of difference.

  1. Portable Gaming – Playstation Vita, Nintendo DS

Why wait till you get home? Especially if you ride a subway or Uber; your Nintendo 3DS could be a bit of a life-saver. Or, more modestly, a way to pass the time and build up your anticipation for when you walk into your gaming den.