Job-seekers have no shortage of places to turn for LinkedIn advice. These days, LinkedIn more or less is the job market.

But what about companies themselves? Where can decision-makers turn for actionable, unbiased LinkedIn tips and tricks?

Why not start here? If you set these six LinkedIn-related action items in motion this week, good things will happen — at least, if you consider higher rates of LinkedIn engagement “good.”

Let’s dive in: here’s what you can do to improve your corporate LinkedIn profile right now.

 1.Tell Prospects How to Get in Touch With Your Company

 If it’s not already complete, flesh out your company’s on-page contact information: website, phone number, physical address, and so on. Your prospects should know within seconds of navigating to your LinkedIn page precisely how to get in touch with you — and, ideally, to whom they should bring specific queries.

 2.Clearly Communicate Your Value Proposition Above the Fold

 “Make Passion Your Profession,” declares this arts and technology school’s LinkedIn profile.

That’s a clear value proposition if ever there was one. Can your company say the same about its own above-the-fold LinkedIn value statement?

As you can see, it’s not hard to thread this needle. But you need to make the effort. If you don’t already have a corporate tagline, hash one out with your team; you can always bring in the professionals later.

3.Join and Curate Relevant LinkedIn Groups

 Do you belong to any of the 20 best LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs? Or any industry- or profession-specific LinkedIn groups that might help land you your next big-ticket account or ace hire?

Use LinkedIn’s internal search feature to find relevant groups, then join or request admission as needed. Remember, LinkedIn is a network; it’s all about seeing and being seen here.

 4.Customize Your LinkedIn URL

 Read this guide to customizing your LinkedIn URL. Then, customize your LinkedIn URL. Easy-peasy — and great for business. Even if your prospects don’t bother typing in your entire URL (and they won’t), they’ll remember that it contains your company name, for sure.

 5.Edit Jargon Out of Your Profile Copy

 Everyone says they love the occasional “synergy,” the odd “nexus,” the errant “deliverable.” But they can’t tell you why, can they?

Forget all that. Edit your on-page company description to read as straightforwardly as possible, excising anything that might plausibly qualify as jargon. If it’s not a word or phrase you’d expect to hear outside the office, it doesn’t belong on your LinkedIn profile. Remember, you’re not just speaking to fellow businesspeople here.

 Freshen Up Your LinkedIn Profile This Weekend

 Read through the six action items above. Then, read through them again.

Notice anything? That’s right: not one of these to-dos is particularly time-consuming. Some, like completing or updating your company’s contact information, won’t take more than a few minutes.

All told, you can easily knock out these six action items — or get the ball rolling on them, at least — this weekend. Or, you know, ask one of your subordinates to run point. You’re the boss, after all.