6 Ways Any Business Can Benefit from Video Conferencing


Commercial enterprises and large corporations are no longer the exclusive customers of large video conferencing companies and their communication tech. As the world of the Internet expands on an almost weekly basis, the market for video calls among and within businesses is increasing.

Medical facilities, schools, publishing houses — even local government organizations stand to eliminate the roadblocks they face, and not just because of better communication.

  1. Your Business Can Be More Interconnected than Ever

One of the bigger issues with bureaucracy is that it just takes a very long time to get things done. Video conferencing tech is more of a connectivity suite than just a communication tool, and that means file sharing, mobile access, integration into calendar and email application on a business-wide level, and other methods that spell out widespread interconnectivity between each and every single desk and computer.

There are many commercial solutions all over Great Britain, such as BlueJeans video conference equipment, and they all offer total connectivity through the cloud – a recommended feature, if you can get it. That way, small and medium business owners don’t have to lay down the cash to pay for data centres.

This also works to help boost company morale. If you’re a business that makes use of telecommuting employees and freelancers, bringing them into the business through video conferences. According to the Interactive Multimedia and Collaborative Communications Alliance, nearly 90% of work-from-home employees feel more connected to their workplace despite not being there physically.

  1. File Sharing and Communications Can Be Made Simple – No Matter from Where

If you have offices all over the UK, then communication can be a pain in the neck. Whether you’re out on the countryside and calling in to HQ, or whether you’re checking in on directives from the city, most businesses still rely on the good old telephone for most of their communications. Even free tools like Skype have their limitations, most notably in resource efficiency, video quality and functionality.

A dedicated video conference system is a good investment for medium and small businesses, because alongside a usually low price tag comes a suite of functions any business can make good use of – most notably, proper video quality. It doesn’t matter what industry your company is based in, having face-to-face communications between departments across cities increases employee interest and information retention, and fosters a better bond between the people working in your company.

  1. You’ll No Longer Waste Time on Useless Meetings

If your business is fond of spending Monday mornings congregating around a table and discussing the week ahead, you’d be surprised to hear that video conferencing tech can help cut short your daily face-to-face meetings through better integration between everyone’s workstations.

A small video conference system can be enough to help keep morning briefings succinct enough to stay fresh in everyone’s mind without leaving out any important details. This is especially useful when briefing several departments across different regions.

  1. Talking to Clients Abroad Will Become Much More Feasible

For companies with international clientele, video conferencing technology is a must. Conventional telephone services are both too expensive and low in quality, while free voice-over IP software is limited in function.

If you’re out to impress your clients, utilizing a conferencing software that emphasizes on ease-of-use and video quality will ensure you’ll present yourself in a whole new light. Embracing new technology in ways that are both cost effective and well-integrated shows good judgment, and a knack for moving ahead of the curve. Both of these things are great in the book of most high-profile clients looking for a business to partner with – make sure your business becomes that partner.

  1. You’ll Have a Definite Edge over the Competition

Video conferencing is growing on a monthly basis, but chances are yours will be the only small or medium business in the area reaping the benefits of a fully-integrated conferencing suite. Not only are you winning on the tech front by staying up-to-date, but you’ll be doing your employees a huge favour by making work much easier for them.

That leads to efficiency and productivity among team members, and as Mashable points out, a better social feeling between employees in and outside of the office space as they get to participate more in meetings and brainstorming sessions.

  1. Addressing Problems and Finding Solutions Can Be Made More Efficient

Eliminating redundancies and performing due diligence isn’t just something large corporations do to squeeze profit out of their operations – it can be the one thing your business needs to transform itself into an uplifting hub of productivity. Most small businesses in the UK miss out on the benefits of video conferencing – in fact, Statista.com shows that 74% of micro-businesses do not use video conferencing services, despite the benefit it might bring them when speaking with clients remotely.

Although video conferencing is primarily a communications tool, modern iterations have transformed it into much, much more. For one, it’s also a management tool – one that can help you quite viscerally and rapidly take charge of your business and steer it towards greener pastures.