6 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Site

6 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Site

Is traffic to your online store not what you thought it would be? Here are just six ways to improve your site and attract more customers.

1. Pump Up Your Product Descriptions

Don’t just list heights and weights like they’re going to sell the product with numbers alone. Inject a little showmanship in your listings. That jersey isn’t just a “durable poly-cotton blend,” it’s a “poly-cotton blend that will last repeated washings as you cheer for your favorite team over and over again.”

2. Replace Your Images

If your pictures are blurry, pixelated or covered with shadows, it’s time to replace them with clear, high-quality images that will really bring the product to life. Take multiple pictures, too. Display them with size charts for comparison purposes. Offer a variety of angles and lights so the customer will know exactly what they’re buying.

3. Simplify Your Checkout Process

Online store software can help you create a pleasant, convenient checkout process. This is absolutely vital for retaining customers, many of whom already shop online and will have pre-established notions of how “good” checkouts function. If it isn’t fast, easy and accurate, they might just take their business elsewhere.

4. Establish Lines of Communication

In addition to having a general FAQ that answers common questions about your services, you should also take the time to promote your customer support number. If you have an email address or live-chatting capabilities, advertise those as well. The customer should know that your door is always open to their concerns or feedback.

5. Improve Your Site Navigation

It goes without saying that your products should be arranged by category. But how are you allowing shoppers to access those categories? Do you have sidebars, topbars or drop-down menus? Do you have a search feature? Never make your customers use the back button.

6. Embrace SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you drive traffic to your website. There are many SEO practices to choose from, but the basics are things like keywords and inbound links, and they can be mastered in a matter of days. If you’re serious about improving your e-commerce site, you’ll need to join the 21st century with SEO.

These are just six ways to build a stronger website for your online business. The competition will never stop being tough, so do everything you can to ensure that customers come to your store above all others.