Anyone who has ever experienced raising a child understands that kids are expensive creatures.  They always want or need something, and the dollars never stop rolling out of your bank account.  Compensation must occur to avoid financial hardship when you are a parent.


Filling your mind with ways to pinch and save is a great way to get a hold on the expense of having children.  Take a second to check out a few clever ways in which you and your children can have more and spend less.


Coupon like a wild and untamed couponing beast


The difference between the lady with a million coupons and you is hundreds of dollars in savings.  All you have to do is put in the same effort, and voila, you save money.  Research is the key to strong couponing skills.


Pack your lunch whenever possible


Instead of spending money on fast food (or even not-so-fast-food), try packing a lunch instead.  Packing your lunch will not only save you money, but it will most likely save on calories.


You would have to try to eat a terrible lunch to add up to all of the harmful things you are putting in your body by eating fast food.  Save your money, and live longer.


Learn to use cloth baby diapers


It may seem like a foreign idea at first, but using cloth diapers for your children will save you thousands over the course of their childhood.  Research the proper sanitation and recycling habits, and spend all of that extra money investing in your children’s future.


Transfer your bank account to earn rewards


Banks are constantly offering incentives for switching to their services.  Give them what they want, and take that free money.  It does not take long to transfer your funds to another organization, and it will give you diverse financial opportunities.


Craft gifts instead of purchasing them


It is the thought that counts, right?  Put tons of thought and effort into personally crafting gifts for your loved ones on special holidays.  You will save tons of money, and your friends and family are more likely to keep what you made much longer than some massed produced gift from Walmart.

There are so many different gift ideas you can come up with. Get some clay and make a cup or sculpture, some paint for a family portrait, popsicle sticks to make a structure. The possibilities are endless. You can save money on the supplies you may need by using a Michaels coupon code.


Be a list-making fool


Making a grocery list before you go grocery shopping will save you hundreds over the course of the year.  You may not understand the full impact of this strategy before you utilize it, but it is well worth the effort.


Repair clothing instead of tossing it out


Instead of buying a new shirt every time one gets ripped, fix it.  Learn how to sew and patch and all the other awesome things a seamstress can do.  Be your own designer of sorts.