7 important skills to learn to become SEO professional


SEO is known as Search engine optimization. It is a process for increasing the visitors for a particular website by making it more visible in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These can be obtained by various techniques and tactics. People should understand the depth and importance related to SEO as it plays a major key role in every single business. SEO makes one’s website easier to handle by making it work faster and navigate easily. SEO is considered to be one of the key essential for marketing process. It is very important because:

It allows any online store or website to appear in one of the top positions in search engines. By doing this it will ultimately increase the flow of customers.

SEO helps the customers to reach the website making the usage of a website more easily for them.

SEO is used as a tool for promoting websites in Google and yahoo. When customers find their search in one of these pages they end up promoting them on Facebook and Twitter.

SEO is handy for websites that have multiple authors directly or indirectly. Increasing the search engines for their websites would be their direct way and giving a common framework for publishing the contents for their websites would be their indirect way of help.

SEO online thus helps the website in increasing customers and sales even though they are holding with competitors.

Sources for learning SEO

SEO can is studied through online courses, plenty of options are available for free of cost. They are quite challenging to learn but not impossible. A person when decided to develop his SEO skills should have qualities like critical thinking, speaking, writing ability, technical skills programming skills, social skills, and analytics, excel skills, adaptability plus a sense of humor.

Skills for developing SEO

  • On-site optimization:

The best on-site optimization would be Google which has given 32 pages guidebook about SEO practices by going through these pages’ anybody can understand the site index and can go through search engines. Even hub spot has created it to learn them in just two pages.

  • Website design and development:

To be a well-developed person you should have knowledge about HTML and should know the components of the web page. If the person has an interest towards the technical or forensic then, they should possess deeper knowledge.

Students studying should go through 3 major classes namely:

Web page development: The student should know the basic language like HTML, cascading style sheets and adobe dream weaver for studying the web page.

Web page design:

To design a web page in a responsive way the student should know about html5 elements and css3 style sheets.

JavaScript and jQuery: The student should possess knowledge about jQuery for designing and JavaScript for the web page.

  • Local SEO and Google:

The most important step to be followed as an SEO strategy for a business would be to claim, verify and optimize Google in any business category. This will make you appear in local finder, Google maps and in local packs. My business page is a free course which teaches about optimization and creating a GMB page. It also teaches how to get reviews. Next step is to learn about beginner local SEO. Here they teach the basics of local SEO and give students’ knowledge about the foundation regarding the successful local search.

  • PPC:

PPC has become one of the most important components in online marketing for many business developments. Some good opinions for PPC would be Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Google ad words are given out as tutorials under Google. They want people to know about their products. This fundamental study is useful for the person who wants to have a certification or if they are interested in learning ad word basics.

Bing ads are considered to be the topmost compared to Google Adwords as they also give the training to be accredited professional lane.

  • Content marketing:

To have organic success one should possess and excel in the content marketing program. Two basic factors involving content marketing are:

Strategy for content marketing is nothing but teaching about how to organize, develop and implement Content marketing. They will also teach how to analyze and measure the effectiveness of their strategy.

Hub spot teaches students how to promote a measurable content which would build traffic and convert them as leads.

  • Local SEO:

Local SEO does two major processes such as citation building and clean up. This is very important and unique. When a good citation is combined with good profiles it becomes a pathway for appearing in Google local packs. To learn about local SEO basic step need to be followed.

If you should be discovered by many people then you need to be visible enough. This can be done by going through a few procedures.

They should learn about citations as they possess a life for any local search.

SEO audit had to be done to make sure there is no hurdle over the website. Learning this will help them to give awareness regarding were to clean up.