7 Mistakes to avoid while developing Magento Website


Magento is a platform that specialises in e-commerce development and helps in enhancing a business’s online presence. It comes with a one page dashboard for all multiple stores. It is one platform that makes developing e-commerce an easy process, even for the non-developers in the world. The basic goal is to promote businesses successfully and provide full support for the same. Magento also helps track all operation related content of your online store in one go.

However, with such power comes high responsibility. It is a simple process but it is very important to be careful and if need be, contact a Magento development company. Even though it is user friendly, it is very important to keep in mind the potential errors that you must avoid for a successful launch into the e-commerce world.

Lack of contact information

Magento is well equipped with an AI chatbot that allows customer interaction with the business. Yet, it is very important to have proper contact information for the customers to use in case of an escalated issue or problem. Businesses tend to put very little or no contact information but proper contact information can increase your business’s credibility.

Incomplete product page

Product page optimization is a key factor to consider while launching your online business. Product page optimisation basically means adding in the right product name, product description, product image, etc. to ensure that your product’s reflection to the customer is exactly as you plan it to.

While working with Magenta, people forget to put the focus on the basic requirements. This in turn reflects badly on the business and can result in a low click rate.

Adding a signup link right before the landing page or payment page

Every e-commerce platform today, in order to increase the customer database, add a signup link on the website. This is very important for businesses to use follow-up techniques with potential customers to keep them engaged with the brand.

However, a lot of times businesses do not realise the importance of the placement of the signup pop-up. It can easily turn away if the customer is placed at the wrong step. Especially, if they sign a pop-up on the payment page. So ensure that the signup request comes either right at the beginning or after the payment page.

Complicated checkout process

According to recent statistics, approximately 70% of the customers who shop online, leave right before checkout. This is because businesses, in order to seem superior, add multiple features to the payment page. However, this ticks off the customer and tends to send them away. As per a company for Magento 2 development, customers today prefer a simpler approach with things, especially where money is concerned. So, complicating the checkout process can result in a bad brand image as well as a drop in conversion rates.

Recognize and make the right choices since day 1 to be successful

Not allowing customer reviews for display

Customer reviews are very important as today everyone seeks confirmation before making a purchase. Not reading customer reviews before buying something is a bad decision nowadays. So, not allowing customer reviews on your platform can result in a low conversion rate for your business.

Content is not SEO friendly

The content you put up on your product or business landing page has to be carefully curated in order to reach the right target audience. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important in today’s competitive world. This can be done by recognizing and implementing the right keywords in your website content. Keywords increase your chances of reaching the target audience faster and a lack of this can result in your brand being lost in the market. 

Trying to do it all by yourself

Planning to set up an e-commerce platform and implementing it are two very different things. The planning process requires your full participation but in order to successfully build a customer centric platform, you require more. To help with the same, contacting a Magento developing company can really benefit you in many ways. A Magento development company is well updated on the know-how of Magento and can offer solutions to all your problems quickly, without making a hole in your pocket. A company for Magento 2 development is highly efficient with its working.

Sounds a lot? Hang in there

These errors do not look that major but ignorance of any of them from your end can result in a bad customer conversion rate. To avoid the same, you can always hire a person or team who specialises in this area. Or you can opt for a Magento development company. A Magento development company works on developing strategies based on your objectives and goals. Their main goal is to find the right fit for you. A Magento development company also offers a variety of additional features other than website development to ensure your business reaches new heights. So either invest in your current team with training or research and select an appropriate Magento development company to brand yourself well in the market.