7 Reasons Why Magento Is the Best eCommerce Platform


7 Reasons Why Magento Is the Best eCommerce Platform

While planning for a great website the first priority should be to find the best software platform that suits all your needs. Additionally, it should be able to serve all your needs at once. Looking at the trend that is prevalent in the market, the best source seems to be Magento. Many big names are associated with it and you too can take advantage of this software application into building an amazing website. Let us look at the reasons why Magento is the best eCommerce platform.

  1. It is an Open Source Platform

Magento gives you the freedom to edit and customize your website in any way as per your requirements. The Community Edition of the software gives you the freedom to edit and make relevant changes to your website and add things accordingly. Another advantage that you get with this software platform is that it is freely available for downloads and you can install it easily. Being the most popular platform available for tweaking source codes and designing websites as per your requirements, it has one of the largest developer communities. If you too are thinking about opting for it, but still looking for support in this matter then it is suggested that you opt for eCommerce developer like FinestShops. You will no longer have to bother about managing the website and all the details related to hosting it will be taken care of.

  1. Tailor Made and Customizable

Magento is a platform that is the best thing to happen to eCommerce business and is capable of handling all the details that the business requires. It has all the qualities that are similar to Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, but is different in a way that is far more detail oriented. Instead of coming across as just a content management system, the software is capable of adapting to user-needs, incorporating changes that are better suited to the needs of the users.

Take a look at the most amazing features that this software offers, to understand what all it includes:

  • Dashboards
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Segmentation
  • CMS Option
  • Newsletters
  • Bundling of Products
  • In-built upsell and cross sell capabilities
  • Advanced shipping and supplier management
  • Allows bundling of products
  1. Better and Faster

Often users find themselves stuck-up with complaining about compromised speed after utilizing a platform. There is absolutely nothing to worry with Magento where things are speedy and you get faster downloads of your page as per your demand. This not only creates a positive impact on your business, but establishes a positive online image of your brand to the visitors. The conversion rate is thus increased manifold as the visitor likes to go through your website without any hassles. The platform is faster to load and cuts on the response time.  Additionally, processing of queries in no time makes it a great experience for any visitor who comes across your website.

  1. SEO Friendly

The biggest barrier that any eCommerce business faces is that of SEO capability. It is essential to be established according to SEO norms and to develop a website that is SEO friendly. It is all about putting a lot of work into making the thing work on each page. For an eCommerce website it is all about attention to details along with lot of work. However, all is taken care of when you are using Magento, writing URL as per your desire, concatenation, creating specific structures, navigation and site maps all comes easy with this platform. The ability to edit the source code is what gives you the freedom to build your website accordingly. Thus, all the complications related to SEO guidelines and norms are done away with and handled easily. The website becomes easy to search without much hassle.

  1. Easy Mobile Rendering

One should consider the fact that it is very often people indulge in mobile surfing, which gives them the convenience of surfing quickly and on the go. For this purpose the website too needs to be designed accordingly. Having a website that is easily rendered on mobile device is a great advantage for any online business. This requires using HTML5 capabilities that comes along with Magento. With ability to drag and drop, image scaling and gesture controls it becomes easy to create a website that is mobile friendly.

  1. Go International with Magento

It is all about being able to showcase products or services to international customers. Magento is one such platform that helps you go international. A large international base of visitors are estimated to be from Europe, US, Australia and Asia.

The customers from international background are finicky about visiting websites that allow them to go for international payments. The payments for international clients are made possible and a smooth transition is what Magento offers. Customizing, the website into local languages, text display and local cookies policies is what makes it a great software.

  1. Serves Every Business Needs

Often while opting for any platform, it is essential to understand the implications of whether it is suitable to the business or not.Magentoas a software solution takes care of all the needs of every kind of business requirements. You need not necessarily be a big business to opt for it. It is easily suited to the needs of small, large and medium business owners. Providing with all the necessary inputs that includes shopping carts, modular design, customizations and customer service, everything works smoothly. It is best suited to all kinds of online business needs.

Opting for this software platform is all about ease of building a website as well as customizing it as per your needs.

Photo by Maria Elena, CC BY 2.0