7 Technologies That Every Modern Office Should Possess In 2019


The functionality of your office plays a huge role in maintaining your staff’s morale and having a great first impression on your potential clients. Many progressive managers understand how imperative it is that all your staff, regardless of rank, have good lighting, comfortable furniture, and the latest technologies to ensure that they have all they need to perform excellently. Again, having the most recent advancements in technology makes you a valuable option for the best talent in the job market. If you are one such manager, here are some forms of the most recent technologies to incorporate in your office:

Install some reliable apps on your Smartphone and computers

Technology has seen the advent of credible and effective apps that every business manager should have to ease their day-to-day activities. There are apps built to help you manipulate documents, keep up with your schedule, and even motivate you. One such is Sodapdf, available on sodapdf.com which enables you to manipulate and secure your office PDFs.

Conference lines

Gone are the days where one had to travel for days to commune with important stakeholders that may be far away. Today, conference lines that offer clear lines of communication are a must-have for any business looking to keep up with teams working out in the field, remote workers, and other stakeholders whose opinions are highly valued.

Cloud computing software

The advent of cloud computing has made it possible for businesses to store massive volumes of documents in a secure, organized, and paperless way. From your employees’ records to contracts and invoices, cloud storage offers you an opportunity to save space and appear more tech-savvy in the way you handle your business documents. Again, with cloud-based platforms, you and authorized staff members can access any reports on the go via your smart devices.

Multi-factor security

This solution will add another robust level of protection to your business. Passcodes and badges can easily be outmaneuvered by tech-savvy criminals, which is why you should consider multi-factor security solutions. The most sensitive areas and documents of your office like server rooms should be fitted with multi-factor access such as iris-scans, keystroke dynamics, and facial recognition.

Visitor management systems

If you experience a large influx of visitors and deliveries every morning, you might want to consider having a visitor management system to keep things flowing smoothly. This is a modern solution that replaces the archaic sign-in sheets and is also far more effective at maintaining security.

Office automation control system

These are systems built to control your office environment; lighting, heating, air-conditioning, and other factors. Having a smart automation system will save you money in power bills while keeping the office comfortable for your staff.

A private fiber-based office network

Many offices do not have such systems, as they may not need the bandwidth. However, having such a network is crucial if you intend to keep your business growing. Your reliance on the internet to obtain information and interact with customers will only increase, and with a private fiber-based network, it will be fast and convenient.


Having the best technologies in your office is a great investment that will give you high returns in the short and long run.